Yorkshire Divers - Cocos VS Galapagos
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  • Cocos VS Galapagos

    Cocos Island, Costa
    Situated in the Golden Triangle, 342 miles (550 km) off the mainland of Costa Rica, the converging nutrient-rich currents from nearby deep water attract multitudes of pelagic action to Cocos.
    Good For:
    • advanced divers
    • hammerhead sharks
    • whale sharks
    • manta rays
    December — May:
    • Dry season — calmer seas and better visibility
    June — November:
    • Rainy season — brings more large animals
    Water Temperature:
    • average of 75–86°F (24–30°C)
    Who to dive with:
    • Sea Hunter
    • Argo Liveaboard
    • Okeanos Aggressor I
    • Okeanos Aggressor II
    • Yemaya Liveaboard

    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
    The second-largest marine reserve in the world, Galαpagos Islands are one of the most famous spots for safari diving in the world and incredible non-diving wildlife adventures.
    Good For:
    • advanced divers
    • hammerhead and whale sharks
    • manta rays, sea lions, penguins
    • land adventure tours
    December — May:
    • Wet hot season — manta rays, penguins, hammerheards
    June — November:
    • Dry cold season — strong currents, whale sharks, sea lions
    Water Temperature:
    • average of 66–77°F (19–25°C)
    Who to dive with:
    • Galapagos Sky
    • Galapagos Master
    • Humboldt Explorer
    • Galapagos Aggressor III
    • Nortada Liveaboard