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    Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, consisting of 17,000 islands and 54,716 km/34,000 mi of coastline. Indonesia's coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass meadows are home to thousands of fish species and hundreds of types of corals. Indonesia is one of the most famous spots to dive in the world. Here you will find destinations for all diver levels, from beginner sites with calm seas and shallow depths to sites appropriate for technical diving with strong currents and complicated underwater terrain. There are also lots of activities suitable for non-divers.
    Indonesia has many islands, this is precisely why liveaboard diving in Indonesia is so popular with divers from around the world. Liveaboards in Indonesia offer great shallow reef diving for those who have only started diving, as well as deep wreck, wall, and drift diving for experienced divers.
    Diving is available in Indonesia all year round. Your choice should depend on your diving level and your preferences on what type of marine life you would like to see. Water temperatures here are mostly between 25-27C/77-84F. However, while diving from a liveaboard in Indonesia, you may encounter strong, cold currents where the temperature may drop as low as 19C/66F, so make sure you have an appropriate suit and appropriate gear.
    There are more than 600 dive sites that you can visit on Indonesian liveaboards. Some of the best dive destinations in Indonesia are Raja Ampat, Komodo National Park, Triton Bay, Cenderawasih Bay, Banda Sea.
    Indonesia is a unique place for any kind of diving activities, including underwater photography. Above you can find specifically designed set of offers to help you find the best photography suggestions out of all Indonesian safari boats. Local guides advise choosing Komodo and Flores or Raja Ampat if you are looking for great walls and nature. The wrecks in Cenderawasih Bay can also add some spice to your pictures. If you love macro photography, then nothing is better than Triton Bay, with the tiniest seahorses you will ever find.
    Most popular Liveaboards in Indonesia:
    Indo Siren
    Indo Aggressor
    Raja Ampat Aggressor
    Raja Manta
    Empress II
    Mermaid II
    If you are a non-diver, you will never get bored on an Indonesian liveaboard. Along with diving tours, you can find boats offering trips to the local islands and excursions overland. So if you are not a diver or have non-divers traveling with you, Indonesia is a great destination for both diving and non-diving activities.
    Liveaboards for non-divers:
    Ombak Putih
    In terms of equipment, it is recommend bringing a 3-5 mm wetsuit with a hood and a reef hook, which is essential for some dive sites. Dont forget to take your certification with you on board, because you might not be allowed to dive if you didnt bring it. Also make sure to bring lights for night diving.
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