Yorkshire Divers - Discover the Best of Maldives and Red Sea with Emperor Fleet
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  • Discover the Best of Maldives and Red Sea with Emperor Fleet

    Discover the Best of Maldives and Red Sea with Emperor Fleet
    Emperor Fleet is known for having a great experience providing diving services in these 2 regions. One of the most important things, when you are choosing a liveaboard, is an experience of the boat's crew. Emperors dive guides have over 99 years of experience in diving. These teams will provide you with the best service and will share their knowledge with you.
    Let's have a closer look at fleet's boats by region.
    Maldives Liveaboards
    Emperor Voyager can offer accommodation for 20 divers and their fellow travelers. The liveaboard operates in central atolls and offers the most famus itinerary called “The Best of Maldives”

    Emperor Leo has 12 cabins, that can perfectly accommodate 24 divers. This boat will bring you to the South Atolls of the Maldives, which is rare! Also, Emperor Leo has a jacuzzi on the upper deck and a sun deck, ideal to enjoy breathtaking sunsets.

    Emperor Serenity is a very new boat built in 2016! It also has special facilities for photographers - camera table, separate rinsing tank.

    Emperor Orion originally was a part of Canctellation Fleet, now this boat joined big family of Emperor. Emperor Orion has 12 luxury cabins and a jacuzzi on the upper deck. The liveaboard offers both central and south itineraries

    Emperor Atoll is a small boat, that can welcome 12 divers. Boat offers diving safari on magnificent Maldivian Atolls at very reasonable price

    Emperor Virgo offers comfort of staying on board and magnificent diving in the Maldives. Liveabord's itineraries include the most famous dive spots in around central atolls as well as southern part of the archipelago.

    Red Sea Liveaboards

    Emperor Asmaa has 10 cabins. Except South destinations, Emperor Asmaa offers Reefs & Wrecks itineraries and famous Brothers & Elphinstone.

    Emperor Superior is a big boat capable to accommodate 25 divers. Famous Five is one of the itineraries that Emperor Superior offers. This route includes diving on a fascinating wreck of Red Sea: Rosalie Moller, Abu Nuhas, Thistlegorm, Ras Mohamed, Brother Islands, Salem Express.

    Emperor Elite accommodates 24 dives and offers some of the most attractive dive spots of the Red Sea. Southern routes represented by St. Jons reefs, famous triangle Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone, and of course the most recognized Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moeller
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    Nick Bailey

    Aqualung/Spiro XR2 spares

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