Itís been a while since I posted on here but this is important. The guy in question is mad keen and only just passed his CCR training over the winter. This is gutting, especially as heís now having insurance problems. Itís been reported to all of the training organisations and service centres in the UK and Europe so whoever ends up with this unit will be unable to have it serviced professionally. There is a reward (which I'm not interested in) should anyone need an incentive to do the right thing. I'm happy to pass on any info to Kev, either PM thru here or email yellow69salmon at

From Kev:

Woke up this morning to find my dive kit had been stolen!!! Can I ask all my diving friends to keep their eyes and ears open for anyone selling a JJ CCR, Petrol 2 computer, Otter drysuit, Metal sub Torch, Hollis masks, aluminium 80 cylinder and regs, 2 reels and self inflating DSMB, shot bags, weights belt and any other items. Hopefully we can catch these thieving shit bags. I'm absolutely devastated!!! Cheers all.

Hi all. Im still no further forward with finding my stolen kit so iv decided to offer a £500 reward for any information that leads to me getting my gear back. If you don't want to post on here you can either PM me or call/txt on zero 797130416 one. Thanks again for all the support 👍

From his instructor:

I spoke to Kevin earlier and not only is he having an insurance wrangle as a twist of fate his cert card turned up yesterday , ink not yet dry just left on the table !!!!
Hard to believe any diver would stoop so low and hard to believe others are keeping quiet .
Hoping this might help I'm offering the same as below for a no questions asked return , £1000 total , come on someone do the decent thing , it's a persons passion , not even 3 months old , please get in touch , cheers