For sale:

Apex XTX 50 second stage with DIR long hose
DS4 first stage x2
Apex ATX 40 second stage with bungee necklace
Apex regs carry case
Apex single wing
Sunto compass with deep sea supply bungee wrist straps
Kent tooling single tank adaptor
2 x 12ltr faber 232bar cylinders
1 x twinset 12ltr faber cylinders
(Cylinders just out of test so good deals!)
Otter dry suit (approx 5"7, size 10 boot, approx 85kg) + undersuit + hood
Aqualung lt pro bcd medium-large
Beaver kit bag
Multiple hoses and gauges available. PM for details.

Items can be sold separately or in bulk. All in excellent condition. Please contact for prices.