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  1. OxTox Incident from Aug 2005 - Worth a Read
  2. This could happen to you.
  3. Janos and DanE cheat death.
  4. Why this Sub-Forum is Here.
  5. Twin Bladder Wing: Runaway Ascent
  6. The Importance of Buddy Checks
  7. Do your buddy check
  8. A collection of non serious but stupid mistakes.
  9. Pre dive equipment checks
  10. Know when to stay on the boat!
  11. Dropped Scallops and Rapid Surfacing Ascent
  12. Netted @ 70
  13. Putting the vital bit in.
  14. Lost Alone in a Wreck at 45M
  15. Salsette netting
  16. My (2nd) pot dive
  17. Catalogue of errors in 1 dive
  18. One from a while ago - Long
  19. Discover SCUBA on Holiday.
  20. No Air @ 5
  21. A new divers intruduction to the incident pit.
  22. Running out of air
  23. My introduction to Narcosis, and other cockup's !
  24. My first time
  25. Diving with a cold [not man flu]
  26. Bad day at the office
  27. Narcosis
  28. Up the Loch with a paddle
  29. Bucket Manoeuvre (Old Post)
  30. Lessons Learnt in Cancun
  31. Diving in a three, when one of them is your child.
  32. Redundancy lesson learnt and start of the incident pit
  33. How not to dive a Dolphin.
  34. Running out of air at 120 bar.
  35. Be careful changing bottles
  36. When things go bang.
  37. A run of obvious problems around Sipidan
  38. My little bend.................again
  39. I leanred something fundamental yesterday...
  40. Maybe a new diver is actually reallllly old...
  41. So you think its a good idea to dive a drysuit without training ?
  42. Dont tell porky pies!
  43. Moldavia- 9th Feb- Cancelled - Blessing in disguise?
  44. passing my open water course
  45. Bent or not? The incident pit and why iys never just one thing.
  46. Near Drowning-Devil's Throat, Cozumel MX
  47. 2 Examples of Why You Should Always Anaylse Your Gas
  48. Hypoxia, Stoney Cove, 3rd March 2007
  49. keep your reg in, dumb-ass
  50. Dangling kit
  51. Drinking before diving
  52. Always leave 'em laughing!
  53. DCI and Denial - my little experience.
  54. A little something I learnt today and on the YD Easter gig
  55. Stuff Learnt from my trip to Sharm
  56. That doing the right thing doesnt make you happy
  57. bc leak
  58. 2 Confessions. OMG!!
  59. anchors away!!!
  60. Get Some Smoke!!!
  61. How to distroy a twinset 1:1
  62. Always check your kit!
  63. Don't take anything for granted
  64. 1.76 PPO2 anyone?
  65. One thing leads to another.....
  66. first time
  67. When things could have been much different
  68. Wreckless Wreck divers (As seen on T.V)
  69. Dual vs Single bladder wings
  70. A little above water learning.....
  71. I want to learn from this! Some advice needed...
  72. Incident STONEY COVE
  73. Helen FH and an incident in Scapa
  74. My Incident at Vobster
  75. Poseidon Atmosphere & 1st stage Compatability....
  76. I learned that...
  77. Post-splash, pre-dive checks
  78. picture the scene....
  79. Sunscreen in the eyes at depth
  80. Vobster, the pot and ME!
  81. Teach Yourself Books, circa 1960's
  82. The danger of little things...
  83. Surf and rocks
  84. Giving blood
  85. Don't forget your other LP hoses...
  86. my narcosis experience
  87. Bendy Wendy or Neurotic Ned?
  88. My wake up call
  89. My trip to Poole Chamber Today...
  90. Fettle your kit properly
  91. My turn in the barrel...
  92. Sandy bottom
  93. A Weighty issue!
  94. Sometimes you have bad days, sometimes you have good days.
  95. Skipper error?
  96. Plan C - The Twilight Zone.
  97. I learnt about first aid from this...
  98. 35m drysuit full of air and who the hell are you?!
  99. Lost in the Red Sea
  100. borrowed reg
  101. Wasps
  102. Rebreather error!
  103. tea and medals
  104. Young and Complacent - A greek experience
  105. It's not a race!
  106. Should know better!!
  107. Don't take a Dive Knife on the plane - OK!
  108. Open Water Mayhem
  109. Careful how you use your pee valve!
  110. Don't get complacent even on simple shallow bimbbles.
  111. Follow the leader… or the plan?
  112. Moray eels.... dont feed them
  113. Don't trust your dive guide...
  114. Oh Buddy
  115. How not to dive with a Rebreather...
  116. CO2 hit on Rebreather: New HSE/SKy Video
  117. Panic lessons
  118. Failures, and failures to recognise failures.
  119. grenada dive an a bumped head!
  120. knobs on knobs off .....
  121. comedy of errors on a drift dive
  122. Freeflow opens the door to the incident pit
  123. Just call me Lucky
  124. Online source for incident/accident reports?
  125. LP hose fitting failure.
  126. Out of air at 36m... Team Deco defeat death!
  127. 27th of December 2006
  128. Lost in a wreck - at night
  129. Silted up in a wreck at 30m
  130. Diving with strangers
  131. Gas Blob error
  132. Winding your buddy up about sharks......
  133. diving in the 70s and 80s
  134. Blonde moments!
  135. DSMB snagged at surface
  136. Warning to divers in the Yorkshire Area
  137. CO2 on OC
  138. Buddy Diving Without a working Air Gauge...
  139. When place you wouldn't expect a dive bruise!
  141. What's a spot of Oxygen Toxicity between friends...
  142. such a little problem
  143. Arty21's adventure in Cuba
  144. Spare mask and a clear head
  145. Serves me right!
  146. Making the right call
  147. <BANG!> bubble.....
  148. Rapid Ascent and Oxygen Use
  149. Confessions of a numpty!!!
  150. Bruised, abused, ladders and fins
  151. keep your reg in
  152. To yellow blob or not?
  153. flooded mask with 10 mins deco
  154. No kit required...
  155. Buddies with air-integrated computers!
  156. Missed stops & peer pressure
  157. Why swearing is important when diving with your children
  158. Risk Assessments only cover so much
  159. World's feeblest solo dive...
  160. Incident a while ago now...
  161. A cutting problem.
  162. What would you do?
  163. Buoyancy Problems with New Undersuit
  164. Alt air breathing at the start of the dive!!
  165. Surge
  166. Long time reader, 1st time poster
  167. Get your drysuits zipped up
  168. A close shave!
  169. after 20 years, I can still be dumb!
  170. Always take all your kit...
  171. Learning experiences
  172. My Trip To Scappa.
  173. "Come up on a DSMB...",said the skipper
  174. An Expensive Dive in Strangford Lough
  175. Shredded high pressure hose
  176. Solo Diving
  177. Losing a weight belt
  178. Weight belts.
  179. Sharm boat diving and check dives
  180. A Dive is not over until safely back on the boat or land
  181. Almost a heart attack!!!! Or the importance of a full dive brief!
  182. Type 1 DCS
  183. BSAC Incident Report Form
  184. 24th jan 2009
  185. We made mistakes and learnt from this....
  186. Deep Freeze..
  187. Air Consumption and Rapid Ascent in Blue Water
  188. never so glad to have a DSMB & a computer
  189. Surface current when returning to the boat
  190. Interesting dive at Capers
  191. Being a Numpty is expensive
  192. Wear the exposure protection YOU need!
  193. Lost diver
  194. Warm water v Cold
  195. Dive Schools.........The Good ,The Bad, And The Ugly..
  196. Never assume
  197. modern life is a pain
  198. Chesil beach entry
  199. Chesil beach entry
  201. Keep yourself hydrated
  202. Know your kit and practice with it
  203. Making a decision when you have a lot to loose
  204. Denial is stupid...
  205. So what did you learn today...?
  206. HSE/Sky Rebreather CO2 Video
  207. You books: You pays
  208. HELP!!!
  209. Two clips are better than one
  210. Do Not Disturb.....
  211. This was a lesson this diver will remember for some time
  212. Fitness, Flag, and Snorkel, check!
  213. leading dives
  214. The importance of the correct thermal protection.
  215. Neuro exams and logistics
  216. I Nearly Drowned at Stoney
  217. lots of things today
  218. Shot lines really can close down your cylinders
  219. Some things that i have learnt
  220. Lying on holiday
  221. Take your fins off!!
  222. Stuff I have learned...
  223. the joys of ebay
  224. What I learned yesterday
  225. I wonder what was learnt on this dive
  226. write your name on / positvely identify your DSMB
  227. That sinking feeling...
  228. What the ****?? - Rescue Diver Course.
  229. What I learned today
  230. The day that nearly caused me to give up diving
  231. Seal of disapproval
  232. Unknown coaster off Portland and a rebreather.
  233. When it all goes wrong.
  234. patience is a virtue
  235. narcosis before 30 mts
  236. Kit Ditch and Reef Scramble
  237. Mini Shark Tale
  238. Read This!
  239. Diving the Oriskany….Well almost
  240. Conference with the Chairman of Egypt’s Chamber for Diving
  241. Got lucky in Dotty
  242. got that sinking feeling and no air
  243. Buddy check? where the BluDL is he?
  244. My two incidents on the Thistlegorm
  245. What can hit you after the dive goes wrong
  246. Drysuit, or not so drysuit
  247. Oh What A Knight
  248. Saturday at Vobster, confused diver...
  249. new divers - not all bad !!
  250. Real life example of an OOG situation.