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  1. Shark Trust Calls for Global Ban on Shark Finning
  2. Shark Numbers 'at point of no return'.
  3. What the hell is going on?
  4. Shark feeding?
  5. New Underwater Methane Scare!!
  6. Galapagos in Danger
  7. New Species of Whale Found
  8. New Environemental Message Board
  9. Shark fisherman defies protesters
  10. Poor porbeagles.
  11. save the albatross campaign
  12. Whale Shark Visual Library
  13. Divers Battle to Save Whale
  14. Adopt a Shark!
  15. Scottish reef wins EU protection
  16. Great Barrier Reef protected
  17. Inaugural post
  18. Little green snot balls
  19. Spaghetti Eggs
  20. Still wondering what nudie this here is:
  21. Still wondering what nudie this here is
  22. Cerianthus lloydii?
  23. This sounds daft....
  24. Killer whales
  25. Dolphin ambulance to begin work
  26. Marine Conservation Soc. needs your help
  27. unidentified blue thingie
  28. Fish farms, not divers, to blame for Eilat coral damage
  29. Marine reserve plan for North Sea
  30. May do some good ?
  31. A red snail
  32. EarthWatch
  33. Japan seeks restart of commercial whaling
  34. Everybody conga doo doo doo do doooo do
  35. Undersea noise 'does harm whales'
  36. Sharm el Sheikh Freak Show - Result!
  37. Call for ban on trawling for sea bass
  38. Government commits to banning dolphin-killing pair trawl fishery
  39. Titchy fish
  40. How to spot a nudibranch ? Please help...
  41. Hydroid Carmophyra nutans floating about...
  42. UK jellyfish guide anywhere?
  43. Dolphin
  44. Help save our seas, divers urged
  45. Keep Shark OFF the Menu !!
  46. Earthdive - has this been posted before?
  47. For cod's sake stick to salmon, scampi and sprats
  48. This Septic Isle...
  49. Octopus
  50. First pregnant seahorse found in UK waters
  51. Don't Panic!
  52. Shark divers vindicated
  53. Save the dolphins!
  54. Tropical fish hooked on Channel holidays
  55. How do you tell.
  56. Marine Biology Courses
  57. Piranahs go Dutch!
  58. The Welsh Turtle
  59. How do you confuse a cuttlefish? any others?
  60. New Species of Shark?
  61. Stoney Carp
  62. Whelks....Environmentally friendly?
  63. Loggerhead turtle sanctuary in Greece
  64. Non-native Fish Species Causing Havoc in UK Waters
  65. Anyone ID this?
  66. Narked At 10ish
  67. snakelocks ripping into two
  68. Barracude spotted off Guernsey
  69. 10 Most Endangered Species
  70. Wow!!
  71. Dugong
  72. Tooth ID...any dentists onboard
  73. Seasearch Marine ID course
  74. A plague of John Dory at Babbacombe...
  75. Not easy to spot
  76. Galapagos Islands shafted by Ecuadorian President
  77. 'Ranching' may wipe out tuna
  78. Oil firms' air guns killing giant squid
  79. Times article on Humphead Wrasse protection
  80. What did i see? Was it a Nudibranch
  81. Pair trawling for Sea Bass Banned
  82. Great white
  83. Seahorses wild in British waters
  84. marine fish and invertebrates of northern europe
  85. Fish never Forget?
  86. International Shark Conference in London
  87. 90pc of rivers will fail new EU directive
  88. Sainsbury's Take Swordfish off the Shelves
  89. It made me mad!!!
  90. Can you name it ?
  91. Built for the Kill
  92. Good News from Lundy
  93. Save Ningaloo reef...
  94. Russians back Kyoto treaty
  95. Shaaaaaaaaaarkkk........
  96. What would be the outcome??????????
  97. What did I see?
  98. Great White - Long term exhibit
  99. cuttlefish massacre
  100. A case of know your enemy?
  101. Asda have removed Shark
  102. A Turtle Is For Life Not Just For Christmas
  103. Whale Shark Tagging Initiative in Maldives
  104. DiveStart - Marine Life Location
  105. Fresh Water Aquariums
  106. Wastwater Char Survey
  107. Channel 5 last night - Dolphins, not so friendly
  108. World's first artificial limb for dolphins!
  109. Scientists demand an end to 'green' longline fishing
  110. At last! acknowledging a little about the size of the problem
  111. Race is on to discover mysteries of the deep
  112. Dolphins Rescue Lifeguards
  113. Good for goldfish, not for cod
  114. The Misrepresentation of Sharks
  115. Pledge to decriminalise environment offences
  116. Mass Beaching of Whales in Tasmania
  117. Whale Meat back on Japan's Schools' Menus
  118. BBC searching for SHARK 'HOTSPOTS' in UK waters
  119. Arran reserve
  120. New marine protection legislation needed, please support the marine bill campaign
  121. UK marine reserve
  122. What is this?
  123. Seal Slaughter on the Blasket Islands
  124. Alaska oil spill
  125. Amazon rainforests.
  126. Environmentalisim - USA style
  127. Take Action to help Bermuda!!
  128. Sharks - Figthing Back!
  129. Why whales learned to become silent killers
  130. Boo BBC - Shark no.33 in things to eat!
  131. Sad Whale story.
  132. Shark Ident ... please
  133. Bendy Whales
  134. Happy Christmas to our Norwegian friends, but .......
  135. Cave Monster??????
  136. great news - Cyprus Marine Reserve
  137. Tsunami effects
  138. Greenland Launches 'Polar Bear Hunting Safaris'
  139. UK marine ecosystem "shameful"
  140. Sea's master of disguise
  141. Volcanoes 'wiped out life on Earth, not giant asteroid'
  142. Pipeline spells doom for world's rarest cat
  143. The South African Cape fighting to regain its 'two oceans' mantle
  144. Stoney Cove Selling Sharks' Teeth.
  145. Screen saver weather trial predicts 10C rise in British temperatures
  146. Human faced fish!
  147. No take zone near Skomer Island?
  148. Acid seas 'will kill off coral within 70 years'
  149. Threatened fish to be moved from lake
  150. Lobsters and crabs cooked in boiling water feel no pain.
  151. Basking shark on sale at Bordeaux hypermarket
  152. Do you guys all know about Seasearch?
  153. Anyone else find this ironic?
  154. Channel 5 - last night - BowHead whales
  155. The New Forest becomes England's smallest national park
  156. Would you put yourself in front of a Trawler?
  157. What did I see?
  158. Bimini sharks need help
  159. Great white shark "home" after a 7000 km journey
  160. CITES Protected species?
  161. Corals of the World - Veron
  162. Could get interesting off the Tyne! See today's Metro
  163. Dubai Land Reclamation... WTF??
  164. Conservative Party Marine Wildlife proposals
  165. Unknown fish
  166. oh dear! UK Trawlers vs Greenpeace!
  167. Whale, Dolphin & Shark protection - news & INFO.
  168. Herring Communication
  169. Another Lost Treasure - Zambezi Sharks.
  170. Whisky in the Kilimanjaro.
  171. Petition to close the Dolphinariums in Sharm
  172. Diver in cage attacked by Great White
  173. Running Octopus video
  174. Court threat for pebble collectors
  175. Dartmoor ponies 'rarer than pandas'
  176. Ozzie tosser....
  177. Mark Currie's "nighmare" - the big frickin' Jessy!
  178. EU recycling rules delayed to avoid a repeat of 'fridge mountains'
  179. Salmon farms 'creating vast plagues of sea lice'
  180. Whitsand Bay Dumping.
  181. Species ID guide for UK waters?
  182. 'Sighting' of Tasmanian tiger sparks 1.2m bounty hunt
  183. South Africa shark feeder denies reports it mutilates sharks
  184. St Paul's blocks coastal wind farm plans
  185. Dolphins flourish in North Sea
  186. Shark Vindaloo?!
  187. Octopus 'walks' video clip
  188. Recent Sightings around Cornwall
  189. Pilot whales sighted in bristol channel
  190. Overfishing in the Med?
  191. Shark repellent sales rise
  192. A male parasite that lives within the Uterus of its female
  193. Shocking!
  194. More Shocking News - Porpoises found 'beaten and shot'
  195. BDMLR course.
  196. MoD dumped munitions in the Irish Sea
  197. New Australian reefs discovered
  198. New Solutions that Reduce 'Bycatch'
  199. Lobster liberation is coming--so find something else for supper
  200. Cleaner shrimp use rocking dance to advertise their service to clients
  201. What is it? The Fish/Sealife Identification Q&A Thread
  202. Old-timers gird South Korea to resume whaling
  203. Why captivity is wrong
  204. Sea Pen
  205. Dh205m Dubai Marine World to be set up
  206. Restaurant offers shark's fin soup at 108 per bowl
  207. Coelacanth dive proves a success
  208. Greenpeace backs call for 'no-take zone' off Arran coast
  209. Londo Aquarium
  210. Bahrain may build sea horse-shaped island
  211. New Aquarium for Uk - worlds largest
  212. Good and Bad Stoney May 14th / 15th
  213. Spearfishermen go after prey the hard way
  214. Little-known coral reef to be explored
  215. What was it?
  216. Help from a more experienced hunter.....
  217. Land Rovers - Peril for the Planet?
  218. World's Largest Marine Refuge in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
  219. Trashing Sharm Again
  220. Beaching of whales linked to climate
  221. Japan readies case for whaling resumption
  222. Alliens of the Deep
  223. Tsunami a boon for endangered turtles
  224. Disney Promoting Shark Fin Soup for Wedding Banquets
  225. Five-year ban on black coral recommended
  226. Basking sharks - anyone seen any this year ?
  227. Reinventing the iron anchor
  228. More good news from Sharm
  229. Eels swarming near deep-sea volcano startle divers
  230. Lobbyists square up over whaling
  231. Shark Baiting Poll
  232. Live whales worth $120m to NZ - report
  233. Why sharks are fast becoming an endangered species
  234. Exiled islanders return to radioactive paradise
  235. Save the whales - eat Japanese scientists!
  236. Report Confirms Sharks Disappearing off Costa Rica
  237. Small things amuse small minds!!!
  238. Mystery disease killing coral
  239. Chinese Divers sent to find Kanas lake monster
  240. Shark Facts: Attack Stats, Record Swims, More
  241. Good Book?
  242. Am I doing something wrong?!?!?!
  243. Latest from BBC on IWC Meeting
  244. Marine Park Proposals
  245. Whale sharks transported to United States aquarium
  246. Basking Sharks More Common in Scotland
  247. Britain's sharks 'moving north'
  248. Sharksploitation!
  249. Sonar effects on Marine Mammals
  250. New Code of Conduct - Pembrokeshire