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  1. calling all improvists.
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  5. pictures of digger and the P1SS rebreather
  6. Sucessful testing Part II
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  9. DIYBOD or other RB.
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  21. Question for the Home Builders out there…….
  22. It's Finally Finished: Digger Survives - with Pics!!
  23. My DIY ´PPO2 Display´
  24. Homebuild Calibration
  25. A question for homebuilders
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  31. First dive with my MCCR homebuild
  32. complete Mouthpiece wanted
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  34. Cheap Rebreather.
  35. Dyson Rebreather ?
  36. Side mounted tanks on Dolphin
  37. Woz's new rebreather.
  38. Testing o2 sensors at 2 bar.
  39. Scrubber Canister Built to a Spec
  40. Well I now have one. A D5
  41. Fix the IP of a s/pro mk2 1st- how?
  42. Look what I made- a p-port ADV
  43. Took a Dr Duncan D5 down to Stoney yesterday and...
  44. It lives! The Hasslehuff.
  45. It lives! The Hasslehuff.
  46. KISS'd my Dolphin
  47. Where to buy custom long hoses and 90 degree adaptors for 1st stages?
  48. MCCR Drager weird threads on first stage
  49. Yeah I've just made this.....
  50. wanting to knock up a batch of calcium hydroxide (Sorb) in my kitchen
  51. Homemade DSV
  52. Scrubber container?
  53. scrubber... diy question
  54. Help Drager Stainless steel case drawings
  55. Can anyone point me in the direction of some drawings for a stainless Drager case
  56. Custom Divers Travel Frame
  57. remotes
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  59. Fallout: New Vegas
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  63. 164mm Carbon fibre tubing in UK, joint order???
  64. Wanted- 180mm or 200mm Pipe
  65. Homebuilt rebreather
  66. homebuilt CCR
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  68. CCR Homebuilders weekend.......... Saturday 1st Aug
  69. First Stage soda bottle Din adaptor & 3d pritable rebreather
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