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Chris M.
10-12-09, 09:20 AM
Hello fellow rebreather divers

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself again, this time as an ANDI Megalodon instructor Level 5.

a bit of background, I am a TDI IT (up to adv trimix and Evo / inspo mixed gas level) so the choice of a trainer was not easy.

I finally settled for Helmuth Biechl from Germany (dwd - deep wreck diving) and must say I hit the jackpot:)
as an IT it is not always easy to take a course and or advise from a colleague as we have a tendency to think wrongly that we already know enough.

The 8 full days I spent with Helmuth are best described as: intensive (we worked up to 15 hours per day) fun (Germans have a great sense of humour if u can cope with it) meaningful, informative and very professional ( we covered so much stuff that our heads were bursting by days end!

I have been diving the Meg intensively for some time now but still Helmuth managed to show me some new skills and now I feel rock solid to teach on the unit. The ISC training video was a nice addition to the training, it is good to see that some manufacturers take the time to produce themselves some extra training materials.

Now I am very proud to announce that people with the right mind set can come and do their Megalodon courses from beginner up to the highest level at our dive centre ALL YEAR round.

hope to see many of you in the near future


TDI IT 11442
ANDI Inst. 8273