View Full Version : 24" High Pressure hose

31-12-09, 11:35 AM
Afternoon all,

With the closure of Diving NikNaks can anyone recommend a good source for a 24" HP hose? I really don't want to be paying the 35 Halcyon prices for a hose and I don't want a thin Milflex one either - just a bog standard 24" unbranded HP hose.


Rob Dobson
31-12-09, 11:42 AM
Sorry - misread....

I might have one in the garage since I swapped over to Miflex....

31-12-09, 11:45 AM
I think they're now much more widely available, put a call in to the YD Store (Divelife) and I'm sure they'll be able to help out. Can't imagine it will be 35.


09-01-10, 05:34 PM
I talked with Anothny (ukdivver here) and in less that 48 hours he's updated his site (Scuba Diving Gear and Equipment Online ( with some Dive Rite ones at a cracking price - including postage.:thumbs_up:

I really can't recommend him enough - fantastic customer service.