View Full Version : Can you really pack a meg in standard hand luggage??

30-08-11, 08:54 AM
Can you really pack a meg in standard hand luggage??

With a 5kg limit???

30-08-11, 10:00 AM
It'll fit but will be around 15-18 kg.

30-08-11, 10:31 AM
This is what makes the whole 'I can stick it in my hand luggage' thing with rebreathers a bit misleading

For the majority of common diving destinations involving flights there's no way you're going to be within normal hand baggage limits for your flight. Units that you can remove the lid & electronics from e.g. Inspo, Meg, JJ .... can go in hand luggage under the 5-7kg normal limit. So you keep the most valuable and delicate bits with you in the cabin and not liable to being tossed about by the baggage monkeys.

G :)

30-08-11, 10:51 AM
I used to travel with a Meg in my hand luggage, the dimensions were o.k but it was way overweight. I always made sure not to sit directly underneath it ;)
Now i just bring the head on as this is the most valuable bit.

30-08-11, 10:57 AM
I could get a mini meg in a hand luggage sized bag...weighed about 12 kgs with head,hoses and lungs. Backplate etc went in main bag.. You just had to look like it weighed nothing when carrying it.