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21-01-12, 06:44 PM
Hi, I've been researching the Megalodon for some time now (amongst other rebreathers, but 95% settled on a Meg, COPIS/COPIS2 version, I don't know the difference just yet, but the MCCR version in its current CE issue anyhow)

Just wondering what people thought of the MEG sizes and variations itself and which is most appealing configuration.

Megalodon parts are quite expensive, the canisters themselves aren't cheap so I think you need to know the version that's right for you before you go ordering it, so wondering what people's opinions were on the MEG versions, I know of the Standard, Tall, Cave and Mini Meg.

Also the scrubber sizes. I only know of the 8lb/5.5lb/4lb versions.

(I'm currently thinking a cave cut meg with 5.5lb radial canister, I think the 3-4 hour scrubber life of the 5.5lb radial would be sufficient for 2 typical RIB/quarry dives in UK waters). Is the 8lb canister over-kill, or is the standard version with 8lb scrubber the best all rounder?

Also how do people rate the WOB on the Meg, I tried an APD Vision recently and did not find the WOB the best, probably worse than O.C. to be honest, so just wondered how others thought the Meg's WOB stacked up.

Thanks in advance (sorry if this means can open, worms everywhere, but the MEG board is quiet at the moment, might need a little shake up!) :D

21-01-12, 07:01 PM
I m 6ft2" and had the standard and the long can...The long can is definitely easier for kitting up as it sits at the base of your spine..The 5.5lb radial will be plenty suffice..I have the 8lb radial and after about 4 dives I gave up and binned the lime as I didnt know how long was left but it showed no signs of giving up!

I ve never been able to tell the difference in WOB in all the units i ve dived..probably when the shit hits the fan you will notice but under normal diving I cant tell.

If you get shadow mounts have them welded on as they move all over the place with stainless bands..Personally I prefer the tiger gear.

The COPIS is a good unit...ask pasty man stan, hes got one and I think he likes it.

21-01-12, 07:31 PM
thanks that's helpful, I've seen the shadow mounts advertised and thought eeek welded on....might cause problems down the line but if that's the better option great.

I plan on getting dumpy steel 3's, golem gear's shrimp bov, narked at 90 stand, but I don't know whether to go standard can, long can, cave can. I think the mini meg will be too limited, but of the other options I just don't know, the can's and scrubber canisters are themselves pretty expensive so I'd rather get just the one that will suit the best of both worlds.

I'm only 5"10-5"11, so perhaps tall can might over kill for me. So I'm thinking standard or cave meg, either 8lb radial or 5.5lb radial.

I don't know the difference between COPIS 1 and COPIS 2 versions, so I plead ignorance there, the ISC site isn't the most informative. I've heard of Tiger gear, but I don't know what it involves. Seen plenty of the golem gear and that looks great and Meg friendly.

21-01-12, 08:53 PM
Tiger Gear is the name of the cylinder mounting brackets, Standard can with 5.5 scrubber is basic Meg set up. Apecs 2.06 versions seem to be the most frequent Megs that come up for sale, 2nd hand at around 3-3500
Metal Sub Mounts work well, Kent tooling stand helps take weight off your belt

21-01-12, 08:57 PM
if you go for the long can you wont need the stand..dont think they make 1st copis anymore...The COPIS 2 has a hud, APECS style controller and 2 battery packs I think.

Golem shrimp very nice but the ISC bov isnt bad either.

Only get the mini can if you want to travel with it. You can fit most of that in carry on luggage then if they dont weigh it, otherwise its too short

21-01-12, 09:14 PM
Thanks for the info on the tiger gear, I downloaded the ISC retail price list from their site and they list COPIS1 and COPIS2 so I can't be sure if they do both still.

I'm more keen on the MCCR than ECCR, but that's just me.

Not 100% on the backmounted counterlungs, think the chest mounted lungs will do the trick for just now.

I like the narked at 90 stand as it gets really good write ups and having seen it in the flesh it looks good (can store an inflation cylinder beneath the stand too).

Does the standard can accept the 8lb scrubber aswell as the 5.5lb? If it accepts both, does that mean it leaves an air pocket in the can when using the 5.5?

Is the HUD essential in people's opinions?

I fancy putting a shearwater predator on the COPIS version, is that possible as a second redundant ppo2 display? Or is that overkill if you've the HUD aswell, which I think is independent?

Sorry to be abit clueless, detail on the meg doesn't seem to be *out there* like it is with APD

21-01-12, 09:23 PM
I'd go for the standard or long can - i'm only 5'7" but use a Kent Tooling stand to take the weight off when I'm sat in it. There are quite a few megs in the southwest and I think we all use Kent brackets for the cylinders.
The standard can & head will fit in a hand luggage size case.
I think you'll struggle to get dumpy 3s as they're like hen's teeth these days. Bog standard 3s are fine and cheaper.

The Narked at 90 stand is a nice bit of kit but not very RIB friendly as it can develop some sharp edges - we always pull Charley's over the tube sideways.
I'd say a HUD is essential. I upgraded to Apecs 2.7 with a predator and it does everything I need.

21-01-12, 09:30 PM
Okay I'll look at the kent tooling stand aswell, cheers, though the narked at 90 looked very good. Heard dumpy 3 helps distribute the weight more evenly and trims out abit better, so don't mind buying dumpy 3's new if i must and they are still made.

that does still leave the question, does the standard can allow both the 8lb and the 5.5lb scrubber canister to fit inside it, and wouldn't that mean when using the smaller of the two canister's, you'd contain an air pocket affecting buoyancy perhaps?

Looking at buying the meg new later in the year. golem shrimp bov looks very good so probably go that way.

Do most MEG users use the HUD?

21-01-12, 09:42 PM
Don't get me wrong - the [email protected] stand is very good but the alloy edges can get a bit sharp - probably not a real issue but I'm paranoid about my tubes :D
I don't think anyone in uk stocks the Heiser 3s - you may be able to get some from Germany...
There's a 3" spacer at e bottom of the can with the 5.5lb scrubber - part of what makes it so flood tolerant. The 8lb doesn't use the spacer in the can.
Give Dennis Vessey at Meg Uk a call - he'll explain all the options out there.

21-01-12, 09:54 PM
If it's not possible to do the dumpy 3's just have to go faber 3's, might not be able to flog a dead horse but will get some life out of my pony! I'd rather avoid having a spacer if I could help it, so might just have to be the 8lb with the standard can or 5.5lb with the cave can, might be over-kill on the lime with the 8lb fill, but I plan on diving UK waters mostly, and all year round so extra scrubber material might be a bonus for the winter months, and I'd like to dive the arctic in the distant future.

Wouldn't feel right about giving Meg UK a shout as I've already committed to doing my training with richie stevenson, would be abit cheeky of me :s

21-01-12, 10:04 PM
Richie will also give you all the options - I trained with him as well.

21-01-12, 10:19 PM
I've contacted richie and he's been very helpful, will go through the specifics before ordering and scheduling the course. I'm hoping to train with him later in the year, fingers crossed (finances permitting, I figure it'll cost a good 7,000-8,000 I think with all the extras and mod1 air).

Emily-MV Radiant Queen
21-01-12, 11:06 PM
My partner and I have just bought megs (on their way accross the pond as we speak). I tried both the cave and standard can and found the cave much better in the water for me at 5'6. It is still too short to want to sit for long on the bench though. Tried both the Manta lungs and the front mounted - can't really tell a difference in WOB but think that skills are easier with the front mounted and they have the ADV.

I see a lot of megs over the course of the season and the welded on shadow mounts seem far better but if you want to use larger cylinders than 3l the tiger mounts would be better.

Dennis can tell you about all of the options.

I really would reccomend Paul Haynes of Haynes Marine for your course - superb instructor and I see a few....

Happy shopping!

21-01-12, 11:06 PM
also look up dave crockford, think he still teaches on the meg and hes very good if you are training in the sw?

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22-01-12, 12:46 AM
Andy munford is a top rate meg instructor based in kent

22-01-12, 06:27 AM
I am 5' 8" and have had a cave can for about a year. Were I to do it again I would consider a standard can as it rest on my butt rather than the small of my back.

I have a stand and it is good for kitting up but clunky and not as easy as a but plate for hanging things off of.

The space under the canister is your friend. It is, as someone else has mentioned, a place for water if there is a flood.

I have the COPIS and I think it is a good way to start wherever you end up as it takes a while to get on to the PO2 changes.


22-01-12, 09:12 AM
I only plan on using either standard faber 3 or dumpy 3's for the duration of it's use at the moment, I can't imagine needing more O2 or DIL, going to use an offboard bailout with an octo for a buddy, so I think 3litre cylinders will be enough, so the welded mounts might be the best way to go, thanks for the information on that, I had just envisioned using metalsub brackets etc. I'll get my paws on a 2nd set of 3litres for taking on dive trips etc, so I can just swap them out over the course of the dive trip, will keep my 15litre to decant air into the 3litre, getting 100% O2 fills from dive shops might be abit unreliable so might be wise to have a second O2 3litre?

I have friends who know Rich and they say he's a top bloke, they've trained with him and met him at shows and so on and said he's a superb instructor, and I've read a MOD1 course review on here taken with Rich and that came up roses aswell so I don't mean to downplay any other instructor, I'm just going with who my friends know and rate highly, I've heard good things about andy and dennis, but having made contact with Rich some time ago, I'm happy with my instructor choice.

Standard can and Cave can seem the most popular choices. Just that left to decide on really :-) If I can test drive both it might help make the decision, I'm just wondering if 8lb of scrubber is OTT for most UK diving, or does 5.5lb ever feel it leaves you with less of a safety margin?

22-01-12, 09:13 AM
Thanks for all the replies so far of course,

Emily-MV Radiant Queen
22-01-12, 10:32 AM
I'm just wondering if 8lb of scrubber is OTT for most UK diving, or does 5.5lb ever feel it leaves you with less of a safety margin?

We had the same discussion. If you went for the standard can you would have the choice inthe future. It has already been said here that the 5lb scrubber fits in the standard can with a spacer. The spacer is a different size to the one you get with the cave can. The 8lb fills the entire can. My partner has gone for the 8lb and we will see if he ends up wasting lots of lime. If you are divign for a week at a time I think it will be great. If most of your diving is 1 or 2 days at a time with larger gaps the smaller scrubber would be more cost efficient but if you went for the standard can at least you have the option of using both scrubbers in the future.

My 2 pence worth.....

22-01-12, 11:50 AM
That's the thinking I had, if I got the standard shaved can meg, then for most of the diving I do the 5.5lb radial scrubber plus spacer could fill the can, and if I moved on to deeper diving in colder waters I could remove the spacer and swap the 5.5lb for the 8lb, but it'd be extra cost I think the radial cans are about 500 each?

Also I did wonder about the spacer being a negative in terms of an air pocket inside the can which might affect your buoyancy. Probably a non-issue, as others have said, it's a space for water to increase flood tolerance.

22-01-12, 11:51 AM
Any thoughts on the meg in terms of the HUD? :-)

22-01-12, 12:11 PM
Cant see why you would want to Weld Shadow mounts if you know there are options like Tiger gear, Kent, Metal sub, that dont move when using steel bands. After welding you will need to get the can anodised again as well as having no future options to change mounting.
Have a look at what the majority of your group use, if you use the same then your cylinders become interchangable with other members which can be handy.

22-01-12, 12:16 PM
I believe a HUD is essential on any CCR. The meg one shows you exactly what each cell is reading rather than ok/not ok which I really like. It's in your face if you're doing something else - you don't need to stop to check handsets. It's also very obvious when the PPO2 changes - especially if one cell is out - rapid flashing over 1.5 and red below1.0 - you can't miss it.

22-01-12, 12:25 PM
I've no experience of a HUD, only ever looking at handsets, which seems fine in principle, but in general HUD's seem to get alot of praise for being a redundant ppo2 monitor and also for their quick in your face checking.

Will bear it in mind about the tiger mounts (i have seen the welded mounts, but nothing of tiger gear so I'd have to see I think). Not seen the kent tooling brackets will have to check their website see if they're on there :-)

22-01-12, 12:38 PM
I think the welded Shadow mounts come from the factory on the can, you don't do it yourself!
In the can debate, if you go for the long can, you don't need a stand and can fit pretty much any scrubber you want, so a bit more flexible, there will always be a spacer despite which option you go for, as for the 'dead airspace' issue, never seemed to make a difference to me and I had both the radial and standard scrubbers in the long can.
I tried the manta lung, didn't like them and stuck with the front mounted lungs despite the PITA front clutter, I did find a difference in the WOB, but I believe the manta design has been changed a bit so you may find it acceptable.
HUD, essential bit of kit for those fubar moments when you're task loaded, red light in your face soon gets your attention :), I liked the standard Meg HUD, some people prefer Shearwater HUDs and I had one on my KISS which was really good.
Richy, Nice bloke, I've only done a try dive session with him at Stoney but we've met several times since and I'd be quite happy being trained by him.
TOP TIP, try dives - DO NOT buy a rebreather without trying it first and try a range of units, even if it takes quite some time to arrange, that way you will be sure that the unit you purchase will be the best fit for YOU, I spent quite a lot of cash along the way to where I am now and could have saved quite a bit!
I'm not going to turn this into a you "should buy this rebreather because" post, what works for me doesn't suit everyone, but DO, do some try dives. Richy's got a fair few different units on the go usually and there are other instructors with different ones as well.
Try them all and consider it a rounding off of your research :) note if you've already done this then skip back to the front of the post and ignore this last bit:D
What ever you decide I wish you many happy and safe hours diving it!

22-01-12, 12:44 PM
Forgot, Tiger Gear are basically a two part ally bracket system that fit on either side of the can held in place by the jubilee clips round the can, shadow mounts used to get a lot of stick for getting stuck! but I've not experienced this myself.
Kent tooling, pretty much everything they do is bomb proof but I've not tried them.
I tried the 'Salvo' mounting brackets from Deep Ideas, they are now "Light Monkey' brackets but are the same item, the only thing I didn't like is that they had no positive 'stop' position, as the brackets are universal they can go either way up and have a lock pin, works fine but I did think sometimes a little bit of pita getting the holes lined up but only a minor irritation in the grand scheme of things.

22-01-12, 01:15 PM
Thanks for the can advice, i think standard can with narked at 90 stand, I'm only 5"10-5"11 so the tall can may be too long? Standard can would allow me to use both the 5.5 and 8lb as others have said. Glad the spacer inside the can doesn't present a problem.

I planned on just getting the ISC Hud as standard, golem gear shrimp bov and possibly, I don't know the connectivity options, but was set on a shearwater predator CC computer hooked up to the meg, to monitor. Does anyone else use the Shearwater predator on their meg?

Yeah richie has already advised me to try different units and consider the JJ, as many have, but it's electronically controlled and I've read criticism of the electronics and it in general just doesn't appeal to me, but I am probably going to try dive the Meg, the JJ, and either the ReVo or the Poseidon, but I've been eyeing up the Meg for a year or two so I'm fairly set on it :-)

I'll have to find the kent tooling mounts and the tiger gear mounts online and have a think, thanks for the input on that. Standard can seems most versatile.

How much are the cans in GBP does anyone know?

(thanks for not opening up this thread to a "should you buy a rebreather debate", wrestled with that myself ALOT already, I imagine all those who make the switchover have to. But I got into Scuba diving to reach the rebreather, so like they say, you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first!)

Lee C
22-01-12, 02:36 PM
I use the standard can & a kent tooling stand,much more sustantial than the [email protected] stand,means you can sit comfortably kitting up & takes a shed load of weight of the belt.
The HUD is simplicity itself does exactly what is says on the tin.
I did away with mounts altogether & use cambands secured with 2 ss thin bars from KT & jubilee bands,have used anything from 3ltr to 7ltr tanks works a dream.
Dennis Vessey[meguk]is the man for Megs in the UK he is a font of knowledge & knows the units inside out.
Lee C

22-01-12, 02:58 PM
Thanks Lee. I have looked at the kent tooling stand but it seemed massive, abit too big for my frame (the top lifting bar on the spine seems to extend to a really tall height). Leaning alittle more towards the Narked at 90 stand atm. I have gone off the Tiger Mounts alittle bit because of the pins used, the Kent tooling mounts or metal sub clamps will probably be the way I end up going. As someone pointed out earlier Welded mounts may limit the size of the cylinders you could eventually use so a good set of mounts might be a viable alternative.

I think a standard shaved can and the 5.5lb and eventually the 8lb can will probably be the direction I'll head in.

Hopefully do business with Dennis in the future then :-)

22-01-12, 03:52 PM
TOP TIP, try dives - DO NOT buy a rebreather without trying it first and try a range of units, even if it takes quite some time to arrange, that way you will be sure that the unit you purchase will be the best fit for YOU, I spent quite a lot of cash along the way to where I am now and could have saved quite a bit!
I'm not going to turn this into a you "should buy this rebreather because" post, what works for me doesn't suit everyone, but DO, do some try dives. Richy's got a fair few different units on the go usually and there are other instructors with different ones as well.
Try them all and consider it a rounding off of your research :) note if you've already done this then skip back to the front of the post and ignore this last bit:D
What ever you decide I wish you many happy and safe hours diving it!

+ 1 Try as many as you can, if buying new your choice is wide open.

22-01-12, 04:00 PM
I have the Predator with a fisher connection that replaces the secondary controller on my Copis Meg. I have the Predator flipped and on my right arm and the primary, which I rairly check, is on my left arm. I like this set up as the Shearwater is easy to read and dead reliable.

I have the Tiger mounts and they seem fine.

If you get the standard can you may not need the stand. You should check for fit before lashing out. Easy enough to spend the cash somewhere else on the rig!


22-01-12, 04:17 PM
Again forgot to mention, if u use the [email protected] stand you'll need slightly infer bolts from the STA on the meg to your back plate, it's not a biggy and is exactly what I used

22-01-12, 04:18 PM
Bloody spell check! That should have said bigger bolts, as in longer ones

22-01-12, 06:07 PM
Thanks peter that's very helpful indeed as i know the apecs version of the meg gets used with the shearwater quite alot, but going COPIS I wasn't sure if it'd be compatible/worthwhile. i was hoping to put a shearwater predator and XEN bottom timer on my right arm, and the primary display on my left arm just the same, as long as it didn't interfere with the dump. If so I might clip it to the chest harness.

Thanks for the advice on the narked at 90 stand marty, if the standard can does leave room for a stand to be desired, I like that the [email protected] conveniently stores a suit inflation system which I'm certain to need in conjunction with the Meg really.

I think as appealing as welded mounts are, if they limit the cylinder size, even if I only plan on going 3litre, I may need more in the future, or if heaven forbid, I have to sell on in future, the welded mounts might work against me. I think Kent tooling or Metal Sub style will work fine. Have looked at the tiger mounts but I didn't love the pin system, it's abit foreign to me whereas the northern diver/metal sub/ kent tooling kind are very similar so may stick with that direction.

Currently after try diving the meg/jj/revo, I imagine purchasing a COPIS meg, standard can, radial 5.5lb or 8lb canister (both if can afford it) dumpy 3litre cylinders, if not those then faber 3's, kent tooling/metal sub brackets, and a shearwater predator, and the golem gear shrimp bov. If it doesn't lend itself to stand up well on its own, then I'll purchase the narked at 90 stand and attach an inflation system to the base.

I think that's every question I had answered! Well except cost, do people find the scrubber canisters expensive? And what duration do people typically find they are getting from the 5.5lb and 8lb canisters? I've seen conflicting advice online for the 5.5lb canisters, 2 hours and 4 hours respectively, which could make a bloody big difference if you were counting on it lasting 4 LOL.

Oh and I plan to use either a DIR ZONE circular bladder wing or the Tetradon wing with either a 3mm or 5mm S/S backplate. What do people tend to use? I've currently got a Buddy Trimix wing, but I'd rather have the circular buoyancy cell with more lift capability at the base of the rebreather than the trident/trimix probably offer.

Pasty Man Stan
22-01-12, 06:59 PM
I've got a Copis 2 with a shearwater on a fischer connector. Difference between a Copis 1&2 (AFAIK) is that the Copis 1 just has a basic pendant PO2 display, whereas the Copis 2 has the more usual meg handset and a HUD. There may be other differences, such as the Apecs internal electronics, not sure though. Apparently it would be fairly straightforward to upgrade mine to a full meg, but I haven't enquired about this yet. Not sure if I will either....

Don't know if any MCCR has CE as you mentioned in your first post? The Copis 2 almost certainly isn't. I wasn't fussed by this as I wanted a manual unit. I started off with a mini can, I'm 5'10"/11" and this was too short, luckily I managed to swap it for a standard can, which seems just about right. With the mini can I needed no weight, I haven't dived the standard can yet. I've got dumpy 3's and use metalsub mounts. The unit seems to be fairly bullet-proof, it's certainly built well and it's about as simple as it gets. I love it!

If you're near Plymouth and want to have a look, feel free.

22-01-12, 07:11 PM
Thanks Stan, afraid I'm nowhere near plymouth or I'd have taken you up on the offer. I've seen an Apecs meg in the flesh and it looked great, but going COPIS most likely. Glad you think they're built like a tank aswell, I hear that alot. I thought the mini would be too small for me aswell, so whittled it down to cave or standard, but as others have said the standard is more versatile, though the tall version might not need a stand so something to consider.

COPIS 2 is probably the version that ships most readily now with the updated electronics and HUD as standard as I understand it.

Pasty Man Stan
22-01-12, 07:17 PM
Oh, two things I don't like about them...

Imperial threads on everything, bloody Americans.
Molex connectors

Not much really!

22-01-12, 07:45 PM
I've read they're MOLEX cells/connectors, knew it was a type of cell connection, does it have any practical implications, e.g. does it make it harder to find cells that fit etc.

Imperial threads, well I'd hate that too!

Pasty Man Stan
22-01-12, 08:03 PM
I just don't like the molex connector, IMHO they're inferior to co-ax. I'd be interested to know if anyone has changed theirs for co-ax though, as it's definitely something I'd consider doing.

22-01-12, 08:09 PM
Some feedback from my side after 3 years on the Meg:

Mounts: I sold my original mounts and now use simple cam straps : cheaper , very low profile and can accommodate also larger tanks if needed.

The 8lb apart from longer times also has lower WOB , critical IMHO if you will plan deeper diver in the future.

And definitely I would advise getting a HUD , I think it's a must ....

22-01-12, 08:14 PM
Thanks for the advice on the 8lb scrubber canister, I can't speak from experience, only try dived a Vision and I didn't find the WOB great on it, but that's perhaps because the loop seemed position wrong for me as the whole unit was alittle low on my back pulling the loop out of optimal position.

Thanks for the HUD advice, I think as others have said it comes as standard with the COPIS2 version of the meg which is shipping now but at increased cost.

I can't speak from any experience at all comparing MOLEX and Co-Ax but have heard the same argument and that MOLEX was more dated, but I've no experience. Maybe ISC is looking at this or has an option for this already, will enquire with Richie when I do a try dive on them.

Does anyone have any idea of canister costs in GBP? I'm guessing they're a few hundred each

22-01-12, 08:16 PM
Thanks for everyone's input so far, it's really illuminated those areas which I was stuck on such as choice of can and whether I should go for a HUD etc so I'm very grateful for all the thoughts and contributions shared so far.

22-01-12, 08:25 PM
I just don't like the molex connector, IMHO they're inferior to co-ax. I'd be interested to know if anyone has changed theirs for co-ax though, as it's definitely something I'd consider doing.

IMHO the molex conectors are the better choice.

The COPIS 2 has two battery boxes and an isolation circuit. It is cheaper to upgrade than the older model, which is no longer availavble. With no solinoid to fire, the batteries last forever.

I run 4 plus hours on the 5.5 lb. radial scrubber can in cold water. For me a very practical size as most dives are now in the two hour range so, two dives and change the sorb.

The Meg is very solid. I think the OTSCL are easier to learn to dive CCR on than BMCL as the volume is easy to judge and the controls are to hand. The Meg ADV works very well unlike many units with BCMCL.


Pasty Man Stan
22-01-12, 08:32 PM
Oh, forgot that I'm trying a dog-bone backplate as it makes routing the hoses easier. Whatever wing you choose, make sure it has slots in the back to get the hoses through. Also using a OPH with a harpa, nice and easy to get in and out of. That's the worst thing to get used to (apart from crap buoyancy!), having the chest area full of counterlungs! Although Mr Golem has some lovely BMCLs, mmmmm.

Thought about a BOV?

Major Clanger
22-01-12, 09:05 PM
I have the KT stand. It's a beast but can fit a 1 1/2 litre suit inflate in the base. I bought a different KT handle with a lower profile as the original stood up too proud for my liking. My MOD 1 starts this w/e with Rich and Dennis Vessey serviced the unit in advance. His workshop is like a shrine to megs.

22-01-12, 09:22 PM
I'm going to stick with the standard OTSCL as you put it for now, didn't really consider the back mounted variety as i thought they'd be harder to keep an eye on and also use the ADV, so just as you say really,

I did think the KT meg stand stood too tall and too proud with it's handle, seems to go on far in excess on the unit but also saw the option of the lower profile lift bar. I think if I do need a stand it'll be the [email protected] though atm, having seen the real steel it did look very nifty and it also fit the inflation bottle underneath. Just going with what I know atm, if I saw them both side by side might have a change of heart, but the [email protected] stand was nicely finished and very neat and tidy.

I don't really know much about routing the hoses yet, but it's something to consider, but I'm not sure I can really know without just asking other meg owners or buying wings and doing it by trial and error. I do know that dir-zone wings are meant to be very tough, but seems a stretch to try and imagine how I'd route my hoses yet, it's just too far off to picture.

I do get what you're saying about re-learning buoyancy and having your chest area cluttered to fark though! That's the first thing I noticed try diving the Inspo, I can't see sweet F.A. on my chest and it's going to make accessing harness D rings a right fun time. However have since seen that you can mount D ring onto the counterlungs themselves so perhaps it's an unnecessary headache.

Yep to answer you Stan, thought about a BOV from the get go and have sort of set my sights on the Golem Shrimp BOV, I was on Golem's site before I discovered the Meg and thought they had some nifty kit. Look forward to making the acquaintance of Dennis and Richie in due course. Best of luck and enjoy the MOD1 course, let us know here how it went if you find time! Cheers

Major Clanger
23-01-12, 07:27 AM
I run 4 plus hours on the 5.5 lb. radial scrubber can in cold water. For me a very practical size as most dives are now in the two hour range so, two dives and change the sorb.

Quick qu not meant to trip anyone up - I'm interested in the radial scrubber but thought it was time rated the same as the 5.5 lb axial at three hours. Is this not the case?

Dive Africa
23-01-12, 10:33 AM

Unless you are planning on doing 5 hour + dives the standard can with 5.5lbs scrubber is more than sufficient (the spacer with absorbent material for water is a good thing). If you are going to travel a lot consider the cave can (still use 5.5lbs). If you are going to to do a lot of tech/long dives. 4.5 to 8hour dives then go for the 8lbs scrubber with the long can - you''l still have a water trap at bottom and won't need a additional stand- Quite frankly I have a standard Meg and have never had the need for a stand - however I have a handle to allow for handing meg up to skipper on RIB's.. I do deep penetration/cave dives with my machine and the standard 5.5lbs works for me. I'll only consider the mini if I travel a hell of a lot - but then consider waiting for the Pathfinder.

As far as mounting brackets is concerned: I use Metalsub mounts - they are superior in quality (and price) and you can mount just about every size cylinder on them: The shadow mounts are too flimsy - (they move with bigger cylinders - unless welded by factory) and the tiger gear (although more solid) is too bulky (in profile) and they rattle. Get the MSub ones and they are closer to home.

If you are going to do a lot of penetration/wrecks dives reconsider the use of any stand - although it adds to comfort (predominantly above water) it does increase your snagging risks on wrecks/caves.

A HUD is a must and is a standard on Meg's in any event. You'll get used to it very uickly

A Inspo/Evo is a very different machine underwater and a Meg is a lot more comfortable. You just cannot compare the two.

Stick to OTS counterlungs their WOB is superior (simple physics tell us that), you'll overcome "clutter" quite quickly - I can still clip off 6 stages on a MEG with OTS lings with no accessibility issues (I use side facing d-rings on top)- if you really do not like them you can always later get the TOS or Manta Lungs - this is the wonderful thing about Meg you can adjust and adapt it (and it is built like a tank)

I use a standard steel backplate with a Horgarthian harness and either the OMS 60lbs dual wing or the Meg Tetradon wing.

If you are going to dive deeper than 90m or do very task loaded dives consider the eCCR version - it adds to redundancy - You'll be taught and/or if you so elect to - use it as if it is a manual machine in any event and then use the electronics as a back stop safety - but it is your choice.

If you go spend some time with any instructor all these above issues will be pointed out to you in any event, so spend some time with the specialists.

A BOV, in principle, is a good thing - but you need to understand that they come with own set of complications and that event if you have a BOV you still have to have off-board bailout.

The one thing I can assure you off is that the Meg is a good well build machine, you'll enjoy it.


23-01-12, 10:48 AM
Thanks Dries, I'm pretty much going to do most of what you're saying in my plans, everyone has been super helpful. The stand might have to be a judgement call when I have the unit and see how it sits and feels on my back. It'd make maintenance and kitting up abit easier, transporting it etc and holding the inflation cylinder. But it would increase snag risk and might be an unnecessary complication it's true. It depends on my height and build really.

I think standard can + 5.5lb and spacer to start with, move up to 8lb later if needed. At the moment most dives in the club last about 40-45 minutes, so I will get about 3 dives out of the 5.5lb scrubber before I feel a change is probably wise, even if it has run time left, I won't be pushing it, sofnolime is not very expensive and its not worth cutting the corners on the one area that will probably render you unconscious lol.

I'm keen on the metalsub mounts or kent tooling mounts at the moment, I use a northern diver mount for my pony and its virtually identicle to the metal sub and very easy and secure.

Don't plan on doing any cave diving as yet, it'd have to be more cavern than cave for me.

Very excited about the meg, look forward to reporting back here when I'm trained up to say thanks and what options I went for.

Major Clanger
23-01-12, 11:33 AM
Good thread. Lots of food for thought. I opted for the stand after the first time I tried without it, nearly putting my back out and then hanging around for half an hour for my buddy to finish faffing.

23-01-12, 12:40 PM
Thanks Major and thanks to everyone who contributed so far, it's been a big help towards figuring it out, information on the Meg online is alittle thin on the ground so it's really helped answer some queries.

Emily-MV Radiant Queen
23-01-12, 05:44 PM

If you are going to do a lot of penetration/wrecks dives reconsider the use of any stand - although it adds to comfort (predominantly above water) it does increase your snagging risks on wrecks/caves.


I completely agree - gonna build myself a meg stand on my dive bench instead and if it works I'll modify all the benches for when I get a boat load of you!