View Full Version : Megalodon Rebreather for sale- immaculate condition

Dive Junkie
20-04-12, 04:56 PM
I've just posted this unit on rebreather world. Prices in brackets are new and ISC are about to put their prices up. Make me a reasonable offer and you'll be getting a bargain. The unit is immaculate and well maintained. Due to work committments I've not dived the unit since August 2009.

Megalodon APECS 2.7 2008 Pri/Sec eCCR, Axial Scrubber (5382 ex VAT)
Tetradon wing (236)
Deluxe Harness (63)
5lb Radial Scrubber (unused). (599)
Narked @90 stand (new black powder coated). (188)
3 new APD cells (installed Jan 2012 unused) (168)
Tiger mounts male/female (unused). (146)
Tiger mounts spare males (unused). (79)
Full ISC recommended spares kit (unused). ?
Spare 1 long/1 short loop hoses (new unused).?
2 x 3l cylinders (just tested). (240)
2 x 7.2V C CELL LITHIUM BATTERY PACK & CONNECTOR (new unused) (76)

Total value 8365 new inc import tax!

Geoff Carr
05-05-12, 10:07 AM
Are u willing to sell me the wing alone and possibly the spares kit ?

05-05-12, 11:11 AM
I would buy your meg 2.7 with axial scrubber.
Deluxe harness
Tiger mounts with spares
Spare kits
Spare loop hoses
And the batteries


Dive Junkie
08-05-12, 12:27 PM
Please PM me your offers guys.

08-05-12, 12:55 PM
PM sent [email protected] Stand...

09-05-12, 03:30 PM
Hi... Has anyone got a phone number or email for the OP...??

09-05-12, 05:24 PM
I ll have the batteries if going

15-06-12, 06:39 PM
Is this still for sale ?

Dive Junkie
15-06-12, 08:35 PM

Major Clanger
15-06-12, 09:35 PM
150 quid for the two 3l cylinders?

15-06-12, 10:17 PM
Spare Males TM and radial scrubber, mail please [email protected]

02-07-12, 07:45 AM
Interested in the complete unit, any photos? Please PM with price for all-in deal