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Mr T.
22-08-05, 10:33 PM
Have a look at this BBC link to their 'On this Day in History':

Ironic then that we've allowed Mugabe to kill thousands of his citizens, clear whole swathes of housing of those whose only crime was that they didn't vote for him, starved the nation until it can't feed itself and now face famine due to so-called 'war veterans' (most of whom weren't even born when the war was fought!) not having a fucking clue about farming and therefore can't cultivate the land or feed the people........and yet they got booted out of the '72 Olympics and now we can't even get the UK gov't, the MCC and ICC to shit-can their sorry arse from the Test nations' roster!

What spinless twats we've become.

Mr T.
23-08-05, 07:19 AM
A regular tourist paradise, what?