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20-09-06, 10:16 AM
I'm sure there used to be a post showing how someone had put a couple of bungee loops in a pocket to attach their gear - can't find it now though!

IIRC he had two loops at the same side of the pocket. Any reason for doing it this way, as opposed to one each side, or just one loop?

Thoughts anyone?

Cheers, Paul

20-09-06, 10:52 AM

I use two loops, one each side, making use of the holes already present on the DUI TLS suit.

The back loop is for stuff I won't normally need, such as spare SMB, spare spool, snips, etc. and the front loop for the spool(s) I plan to use for jumps/safety or my main SMB, my main SMB being in the backplate pouch thingy, and line arrows, cookies if I am in a cave. I pack the back loop first, then the front loop on top for easy location.

My reasoning is that I can usually just take out the spool I need and leave everything else in the pocket, so someone doesn't come along and start clipping my stuff all over the place on deco ;)


27-09-06, 05:53 PM
Halcyon drysuit pockets come with two loops, one on each side and a nice little zippy one for line markers etc. But they are 52 each!