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Brass Monkey
28-07-04, 05:20 AM
I contacted ISC a few days ago asking for info on the Meg. A few people had expressed an interest in the unit so I thought their reply may be of interest to the board. Anyway this was the reply from ISC.

This is the E mail

Thank you for inquiring on the Megalodon CCR. The answer to your questions
are as follows:

The Meg is available at present and the wait period is 6 months at this time
and this fluctuates as orders come in and may be longer depending when you
desire to add your name to the list. The list is only a tentative order and
no deposit is required to get on it, only your name and contact info is

You may receive training from ISC in Washington State or from its
instructors such as Leon Scamahorn, Tom Mount, Mark Meadows or Peter Den
Haan. Leon and Peter are on the West Coast and Tom and Mark are on the East

ISC through Leon Scamahorn charges $1500.00 for 7 days depending on prior
experience. You will be getting 500 minutes minimum on the unit.

ISC also offers a Meg repair course that takes 7 days to complete and you
build your own Meg as per ISC and ISO 9001 registration standards. The
course is $1500.00 for the one week course. We have students from the UK
and US stay up to two weeks to build their Megs and learn to dive them.
Customers that take the courses are eligible to repair their rigs and ISC
just sends parts as necessary to the customer.

Attached is the Price and options sheet and you may order what you need and
no more or you may elect to buy the Meg complete.

Please feel free to contact us as we offer many options and it can be
confusing. We build custom rebreathers and each one that leaves the door is

Best Regards,

Leon Scamahorn
CEO Innerspace Systems Corp

And the Attachment:


The Megalodon may be purchased from ISC in a variety of ways, to suit the customerís needs and equipment requirements. The following are the options and retail prices the customer may select based on the above. All prices in US dollars.

The following comes with the listed kit:

1. Megalodon complete: Megalodon, ballistic nylon counter lungs, breathing hose assembly, 5.5lb axial scrubber canister, APECS electronics, acetyl head lid, stainless steel single tank adapter, Aluminum back plate w/Hogarth harness/crotch strap, LP hoses, cylinder mount system, 19 cuft 3 AL 3000 psi cylinders, Thermo pro valves, HP gauges, 1st.stages. $7,500.00

2. Megalodon stripped: Megalodon, ballistic nylon counter lungs, breathing hose assembly, 5.5lb axial scrubber canister, APECS electronics, acetyl head lid, stainless steel single tank adapter, LP hoses. $7,055.00

3. Mini Meg: The Mini Meg is the smaller version of the Meg, (1/3 smaller) most parts are compatible between the two so the diver may exchange components to fit the requirements of the dive. The Mini Meg is priced the same as the Meg and comes with the same components as listed with the exception of smaller cylinders (13 cuft). The 13 cuft cylinders allow for the Meg to stand in an upright position. A 3.75 lb axial scrubber canister with duration of 120 minutes is standard and depth limit of 200 fsw with HeO2 mixes. The Mini Meg also comes with a specially drilled aluminum back plate that will allow the Mini Meg to sit on its base in the upright position; any back plate may be used but will not allow for the upright standing configuration. Priceís: Mini Meg complete $7,500.00. Mini Meg stripped $7055.00

The following are options that the diver may select to be added to the Megalodon systems.

Highly recommended options and prices:
1. Automatic demand valve: The ADV is an automatic demand system that is added to the exhaust counter lung and adds diluent via lung demand or manual bypass. The ADV is also used for open loop breathing mode, Semi closed circuit mode, and purging/flushing the loop or when the hands need to be free to render aid to another diver or conduct some sort of work when diluent is specifically required. The ADV is large for easy emergency location and manual activation, and is positioned for ambidextrous use, and it does not add to a snagging/ cluttering potential. The ADV may also be rotated 360 degrees for easy hose routing of out board diluent and onboard diluent cylinders. The ADV should be added on the initial order as adding it at later time is costly as the counter lungs must be replaced. Price $350.00
2. Heads up display: The HUD provides for an easy determination of the level of the loop PO2 from the oxygen sensors. The HUD is positioned just under the lens of the divers mask and can be easily seen. The HUD also provides for a passive communication system between your buddy and you or students as the divers can each see what their buddies are breathing. The divers can easily determine if the planned PO2 is being followed or determine if a hypoxic condition exists by knowing what PO2 is currently in the breathing loop. The HUD has the water/gas blocking cable and a knurled knob for easy securing to the DSV. Price $225.00
3. Diluent isolator valve: DIV provides for a method of isolating the ADV for mixed gas transitions or shutting off the ADV from adding to much diluent. Price $45.00
4. Mixed gas manual bypass: The mixed gas manual bypass adds the ability for gas transitioning from onboard gas to out board or vice versa. The mixed gas manual bypass is a requirement if the diver plans on moving into mixed gas diving and diving below 130 fsw. The diver should order this initially with the Meg as it is costly to add at a later time as the counter lungs must be replaced. Price $72.00
5. O-ring kit: The O-ring kit provides for the diver to replace any of the o-rings in the breathing loop of the Meg. Price $35.00
6. Breathing hoses: The Megalodon breathing hoses are very tough and last a long time, however, if pinched or damaged in some way replacement in the field wonít happen unless the diver has a replacement kit of 1 long Forward hose and 1 aft hose. Price $36.00
7. Deluxe harness: This harness is for comfort and convenience for the diver. The harness is made of sturdy 2 inch webbing and sewn with heavy polyester thread. The harness is fully adjustable for the diver and has two quick disconnect buckles and anchor points to easily mount bail out or stage cylinders. Deluxe harness comes with the scooter crotch strap. Price $75.00
8. Stage anchor mounts: The mounts allow for easier clipping of the bailout cylinders onto the shoulder harness under the counter lungs. Price $30.00 each.

Other nice to have options due to serious convenience.
1. TigerGearô cylinder mounting system: This is the best system out there for toughness, reliability, quick cylinder change out, and the ability to hold various size cylinders to fit the diverís needs and still look really good. Price: $220.00 for a pair.
2. TigerGearô male. The male brackets are used for a set of spare cylinders. Price $120 for one pair.
3. Steel 20 cuft 2400+ cylinders with Thermo pro valve. These steels provide for a better gas fill at lower pressures and swimming trim. Price $239.00 each.
4. Koplin stainless steel back plate (5.0lbs) Great back plate for any type of diver and diving. Fits standard bolt patterns and is built to last and look good. Price $135.00
5. Koplin SS key plate (2.2lbs) This plate is for the traveling diver who wishes us the minimal weight needed in a back plate.
6. Oxy cheq 50lb wing BC: This wing not only looks professional but works great for the recreation diver or techs. Price $360.00

Future options to look for:
1. 7.0 lb Radial canister: The Radial is used for cold, deep, and higher work rates in CCR systems. Price TBD
2. 10.0lb Radical Radial: For the insanely long dives.
3. Single counter lung and loop system: This system allows the diver to have two separate Megs and breathing loops mounted as stages on the sides of the diver or back mounted. The diver may also have just one main counter lung mounted on the chest on one side freeing up the other side. Price TBD
4. APECS Deco system: ISC is currently working on its own deco system that may be used in the Meg and other rebreathers. Price TBD
5. ISC CCR specific buoyancy wing: To date there is no B.C. that provides the proper trim attitude for rebreathers like the Megalodon, so ISC is designing one that will fit the dives needs for the diver that really desires proper trim without counter weighting. Price and availability TBD

End user course- 7 days of training at the factory in WA State, with the Megalodon designers. See IANTD standards for course content.
$1500.00 USD

Normoxic Trimix- $750.00. See IANTD standards for course content.

Trimix- $750.00 See IANTD standards for course content.

Note: All prices are negotiable for divers with exceptional prior experience.

Factory Technician repair course: $2500.00 8 day immersion course in factory level repair on ISC products. The Tech will be authorized to repair ISC customer Megs.

End User repair course: ISC customers may attend this course to build their own Meg or attend to learn how to repair their own Meg in the field and lab conditions.

It seems ICS are very much alive and kicking. Itís not for me right now, Iíll stick to the Ybod but in a couple of years if they are still around who knows.

Hope this helps anyone interested.