View Full Version : How big is my bottom ( A Megs)

18-06-09, 06:19 PM
Please can some of you proud owners of a meg tell me how big the bottom of the scrubber is.

Whats the diameter?

I may have something that will protect it, from chafing and scratching.

18-06-09, 08:02 PM
Do I get it if I tell you? :angel:

18-06-09, 08:05 PM
Presuming you mean the black/green cannister then 7 inches.

18-06-09, 11:36 PM
Is that the bit that gets scraped against the deck??

This bit......

The Megalodon is built around a sturdy aluminum tube, which supports the scrubber, head, and cylinders.

I suppose.

I will give you first refusal.

19-06-09, 06:28 AM
Yes that's the bit.... but surely the scrapes make you look like a well hard CCR man :D

19-06-09, 06:39 AM
You mustn't be well ard as you are interested in one!!

Bottom like a babys??

19-06-09, 06:45 AM
I was hoping to cover that fact that I didn't have any scratches making me a complete :cat:

19-06-09, 07:40 AM
I will check my measurements and let you know.

Its alot of shiny tat to let it get scratched...

19-06-09, 08:50 AM
Have a chat with Nigel Ingram ( He's rigged up a section of an old ali cylinder that he clamps to the bottom of his - works a treat.

Looks like a dog's breakfast mind, and the Meg doesn't look much better ;)

21-06-09, 02:10 AM
I think I have found some cylinder boots the right size.

I will check on Monday

02-07-09, 10:20 AM
Yes you have found the correct sized boots. You need to cut the top down 3.4cm to fit under the STA that clamps the cannister to the backplate but an added bonus is that it raises the cannister up about 1/2in.

My bottom will no longer look like it's spent three months as a Pool Boy at Barrymore's house! :D

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