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07-07-09, 07:50 PM
Following on from this post of Marks:

"Meg is an overpriced Inspo Classic and I don't like the fact you need to take it apart to switch it on or the calibration faf and I really don't like how heavy the canister is, i don't like the batteries and i don't like the list of handset issues i have herd. But it does have some very strong features i do like. Build quality and transportation being the top two"

That's his opinion and he's entitled to it but I'm confused about the alleged handset issues. IMO the one great thing is that the handsets do very little. The primary controls the solenoid, secondary the HUD, and both display averaged and individual PO2. I' m no expert but I'm unaware of ANY issues. Can someone assist me with what these are?

BTW The having to take the head off to turn the unit off pissed me off but then it's impossible to jump in without it on... something that has led to fatalities on other units.

Calibration is a piece of piss with the calibration kit.

Batteries are just batteries! What's not to like?

Build quality is excellent but I disagree with the transportation bit. It's a bloody great lump! ;)

07-07-09, 09:31 PM
I cheated :) I had an original COPIS handset which was crap quite frankly. Ripped it all out and replaced it with a Shearwater & HUD, so now I don;t need to crack the head to turn anything on. I can be sat all rigged up ready to go and then turn it on.

(Maybe not recommended for ECCR)

I like the Meg handsets, but can't comment on issues. I don't know of many people who've had issues. Maybe someone else can highlight?

Yes the meg is a lump to transport, but it is a far easier lump than some of the other breathers due to how much you split it down to separate pieces. I've taken the whole lot as hand luggage before.

07-07-09, 10:07 PM
leave it on from morning till night and you will still use less batteries than inspo.
three sets of batteries a year is all i use. and yes it's dived regular.

what are the handset issues? the only one i know is if you allow them to swing on the end of the wire, and then hit something you break the reed switches inside. oh and leave them in the sun you cant read them till you get in the water. but mine is 2.01.

Mark Chase
07-07-09, 10:07 PM
Meg, material between screwthreads on handsets too small can crack - causing leaks that kill handsets

(as witnessed several times on Jknox unit)

There was also a comon internal switch fault i beleive. Cant remember if it was a micro switch or a reed switch.

Hapened to both Megs in our group. Also two incidents of the 02 solinoid jamming open

Ask Nigle his is just about to go in for hand set repair.

If not try Patric over at Protec he had the same problem and a mega problem with the batteries.

My main issues with the unit were the two point calibration, the removal of the head to switch it on and the price they charge for a simple set point only unit.

07-07-09, 10:11 PM
there was a retro fit of a filter to the o2 solenoid to prevent dirt getting in. also you have to take care not to get water in through the qd fitting on the o2 feed.