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    Published on 16-11-12 02:18 PM  Number of Views: 13454 
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    We saw the new XTX200 for the first time at the Dive Show in Birmingham, and a very nice piece of kit it looks as well. But is this just a new front cover? A revamp of the old 200? Or are we in for a real treat and is this something entirely new?

    I've been lucky enough this year to attend DEMA in Las Vegas and I headed straight over the Apeks/ Aqualung stand to have a chat with the guys about the new reg.
    Published on 11-07-12 11:15 AM  Number of Views: 3462 

    Samantha Burnell: www.apeks-online.co.uk

    You look at the club equipment store, where ever that may be and despair! You are not alone, I too have stared at a rusty locker filled with diving cast offs that should have been given a decent send off and retired years ago. BUT because funds are tight it is so hard to get decent kit to train trainees. In many cases this means that trainees are told they need their own kit for open water dives and many can find this off putting as it's a big single purchase. It's a constant club dilemma that many of you are familiar with.

    Published on 28-06-12 09:18 AM  Number of Views: 4741 
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    Written by Sam Burnell www.apeks-online.co.uk

    Why ? Cos it just is!!!! And for around 200 for a first and second stage and 245 for a full set it's top value as well.

    In simple straight forward terms you are not worthy! This reg (well maybe not this actual one - but maybe it's siblings, parents or grandparents) has been places in the diving world that most of us can only dream about. In regulator terms we are talking "Veni, vidi, vici," - As Julius Cesear would say - "been there, seen it, dived it!"
    Published on 19-06-12 10:31 AM  Number of Views: 4239 

    A Basic guide to the Apeks Range of Backplates/Wings/Harnesses.

    You've probably been diving for a while, chances are you've dived and learnt to dive in a conventional jacket style BCD - unless you are old like me and learnt in an ABLJ - but we just aren't going there - the memories are to be frank too unpleasant!. Jacket style BCD's are great and were a vast and HUGE (let me reemphasise the 'HUGE' there) leap forward on what was already on the market. They are comfortable in the main, they are easy to get on and off, sizing isn't an issue, most brands come in a good range of sizes. The design's in general put the diver in a vertical position at the surface which is comforting, it's always nice to see what's coming to get you.

    by Published on 12-04-10 03:11 PM  Number of Views: 8632 
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    Diving the Mk 6 Discovery Rebreather

    I bought my unit in November of last year but with moving business premises ...

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