Yorkshire Divers - Tech Diving at Marsa Shagra
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  • Tech Diving at Marsa Shagra

    Technical diving is becoming immensely popular in the southern Red Sea region with some spectacular dive sites to choose from. Marsa Shagra is the first TDI facility in Marsa Alam.

    If you are lucky enough to have dived the famous Elphinstone reef, you'll know how special this dive site is, but technical diving gives you a chance to re-explore this site like never before. The “arch” at Elphinstone’s southern end, for instance, is a spectacular reef formation that begins between 50 and 60 meters. If you haven’t been through the arch, you’re definitely missing out on a breathtaking experience just below. Farsha is another popular dive site located SE of Elphinstone, which consists of a plateau beginning at about 35 meters depth. A bit similar to Elphinstone in many aspects, the site has been a small secret for some time now, which was discovered many years ago by local fisherman. Both sites offer a thrilling experience for the most advanced technical divers.

    Marsa Shagra's house-reef is still a popular dive option for many visiting tech divers. Nothing beats the simplicity of gearing up and walking a few meters to access the Red Sea marvels.

    If you’re looking to try technical diving or you’re an experience technical diver, Marsa Shagra is the place to be! They are the first TDI facility in the southern Red Sea and can cater to your technical diving needs. Their team is committed more than ever to delivering the highest standard of service and rest assured you are diving with industry professionals.

    Want to know more about tech diving? Contact Oonasdivers.com on (01323) 648924 or Email [email protected]
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