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  • Apeks ATX40 - Best Buy Regulator

    Written by Sam Burnell www.apeks-online.co.uk

    Why ? Cos it just is!!!! And for around 200 for a first and second stage and 245 for a full set it's top value as well.

    In simple straight forward terms you are not worthy! This reg (well maybe not this actual one - but maybe it's siblings, parents or grandparents) has been places in the diving world that most of us can only dream about. In regulator terms we are talking "Veni, vidi, vici," - As Julius Cesear would say - "been there, seen it, dived it!"

    I heartily recommend this reg set for the newcomer to diving. It's cold water rated, and let's not beat about the bush if you are diving in the UK you need cold water rated and if anyone tries to sell you anything else I would have to say I disagree with them. You never know when temperatures are going to dip with depth, and indeed you never exactly know the water temperatures before you go diving, so always best be on the safe side and buy cold water rated kit from the start.

    I certainly recommend this kit for clubs and schools. As one of my customers recently said he'd watched the club ATX40's being dragged through a car park week after week, had seen them lovingly stored under the weight belts and yet they continued to outperform his jet streams. It's good kit, it takes the knocks - pretty it is not - but when you are in a cold dark place and want a constant reliable stream of air, pretty we don't really care about. Apeks don't do pretty they've left that to the Italians.

    Twin sets - of course - the DS4 (first stage) is perfecto here and you only have to wander round the car parks at dive sites to see it reign supreme atop numerous twin sets. So if you are starting out the ATX40 can adapt as your diving does, remove it's octo, buy it a friend and hey ho all you need are some twin 12's !!!

    So all in all great value, a great Reg and it's Apeks. I shall end on that note.
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