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  • Sport England Funding For Club Dive Equipment

    Samantha Burnell: www.apeks-online.co.uk

    You look at the club equipment store, where ever that may be and despair! You are not alone, I too have stared at a rusty locker filled with diving cast offs that should have been given a decent send off and retired years ago. BUT because funds are tight it is so hard to get decent kit to train trainees. In many cases this means that trainees are told they need their own kit for open water dives and many can find this off putting as it's a big single purchase. It's a constant club dilemma that many of you are familiar with.

    I did put a proposal to the BSAC about a year ago that we could offer a regulator trade in deal strictly for club kit. Whereby they could get their clubs to trade in their kit and basically avail themselves of a brand new set of shiny cold water rated regs for a 150 a set. We would operate the scrappage scheme in conjunction with manufacturers and clubs could get themselves quality training kit. The advantages for those involved are obvious, trainees are going to like the kit they learn on and that's the brand that they will hopefully buy. Despite numerous emails on the subject to BSAC headquarters, follow ups and even an offer to call over and discuss the scheme in person I am, a year down the line, still waiting for a reply. Never mind eh.

    In a previous life I have had some experience with grant funding. It's not pretty. It involves paperwork, forms, check boxes, tick lists, photocopies and letter writing. However it can pay off. Sport England state the following -
    Small Grants Programme uses lottery funding to make awards of between 300 and 10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to help more young people (aged 14+) and adults take and keep a sporting habit for life.

    Now I know of clubs who have successfully used this in the past to get equipment funding, and I think there is an opportunity for more clubs to apply and upgrade, replace or even buy their first sets of training kit.

    I am sure many DOs and committee members are all familiar with this process and I am certainly not trying to teach old dogs new tricks. But for those who are interested I am offering to help with the claim filing process, the paperwork, supporting docs all that kind of thing. I've got a couple of applications in for clubs already and it would be fairly easy to duplicate what I have already done. So I am offering to work as a free Grants Coordinator for anyone who wants me, obviously no promises, the grants do remain at the discretion of Sport England.

    So what's in it for me! I'm an honest girl - I want to help you get some money to upgrade your kit and then hopefully you'll consider me for your kit purchases. However if you don't I'll not call round and boil you bunnies ) So a no loose situation really - if you want to apply, hate paperwork PM me and we can chat.
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