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    Published on 16-11-12 01:18 PM  Number of Views: 13418 
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    We saw the new XTX200 for the first time at the Dive Show in Birmingham, and a very nice piece of kit it looks as well. But is this just a new front cover? A revamp of the old 200? Or are we in for a real treat and is this something entirely new?

    I've been lucky enough this year to attend DEMA in Las Vegas and I headed straight over the Apeks/ Aqualung stand to have a chat with the guys about the new reg.
    Published on 19-10-12 11:04 AM
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    Leading diving suppliers are preparing to launch hundreds of new products for visitors to the forthcoming Birmingham Dive Show.

    The UK's biggest and most popular event for divers, DIVE 2012 will feature around 300 companies offering a host of new and recently-introduced products. These will cover land-based and liveaboard diving holidays, specialist training courses at all levels and, of course, dive gear ranging from computers and masks to BCs and drysuits.

    A good idea of what to expect can be seen in the Show Latest section of the Dive Show website.
    Published on 03-10-12 07:37 PM
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    Worldwide Dive and Sail’s Siren Fleet is once again offering a superb opportunity for divers and non-divers to join their “Families-Only Liveaboard Safaris”; dedicated to families who, up until now, may have been put off joining a liveaboard as their needs have not been met.

    Junior divers join the trips for just half price whilst under children aged 9 or under travel FREE – providing an affordable way for all the family to spend a dive vacation together and experience some of the best diving in Asia & the Pacific.

    “Whether you all dive or none of you are divers, our family diving trips are a fantastic way to spend your vacation time together, enjoying fun activities from scuba diving & kayaking to nature treks and beach combing.”
    Published on 02-10-12 08:26 PM
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    DiveLife was started in 2001 whilst Brett Thorpe, the owner, was arranging trips and needed somewhere to put pictures and videos for people to view. Remember, Facebook and forums didn't exist then. When Brett decided to move on and live in Lancashire he decided that the area lacked a comprehensive diving facility and set out to create one.

    With a philosophy of never saying no, the business grew over the following three years until new premises were needed. The current 5000sq ft premises were occupied on 9th September 2009 and DiveLife's growth has continued ever since, even given the tough economic times.

    DiveLife provides equipment from 172 manufacturers from all over the globe. We are recognised a both recreational and technical specialists with diverse areas such as rebreathers, technical cave and photo video specialists working with and for DiveLife, we can truly offer a one stop shop.
    by Published on 07-08-12 01:10 PM
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    Visitors to this year’s Birmingham Dive Show will find things done a little differently to previous shows. By popular demand over recent years there have been more interactive experiences within the hall itself, and at DIVE 2012 this process will be taken a step further with the introduction of the DIVER Stage. This will allow many of the main guest-speaker presentations to take place closer to the exhibition space.

    Combine these talks with what promises to be a packed programme of presentations in the PhotoZone and the PADI Village, and breath-hold, rebreather and entry-level experiences in the two pools, and this year’s Show promises to be livelier than ever.
    And don’t forget that, once you’ve bought your ticket, all the attractions at DIVE 2012 are free!

    Published on 06-08-12 02:28 PM
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    If you have been enjoying the swimming at London 2012 on your HD television, it probably won’t have occurred to you how such fantastic images are sent to your front room. Simon Lodge, owner of Divers Warehouse in Bradford has been heading up a team of underwater specialists which consults on all the underwater footage from the 2012 Games, from swimming to diving, waterpolo to synchronised swimming.
    Published on 27-07-12 12:00 AM
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    With so much to get excited about this summer, including National Marine Week which takes place from 28th July to 12th August, Regaldive is joining in the celebrations by offering 10% off dive holidays booked by 10th August, 2012. The discount is available across the board - for almost every destination, hotel and liveaboard featured around the globe. What's more, the promotion CAN be used in conjunction with many other great discounts, such as dive pack offers and extra nights free.
    Published on 26-07-12 11:04 AM  Number of Views: 4986 
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    The Orkney Islands offer some of the best diving in the British Isles. From the world famous Scapa Flow wrecks to some of the most scenic diving in the world, the Orkneys have the variety to suit everyone’s taste and experience. One of the best ways to get the most out of your time is to use a liveaboard – that way you don’t have to return to Stromness every evening but can relax in comfort and move from dive site to dive site.
    Published on 26-07-12 09:38 AM  Number of Views: 3536 
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    No doubt most of us have, at one time or another, cast a worried glance at one of our larger diving brethren and wondered how on earth they manage to kit up, let alone dive safely. It’s certainly one of the commoner comments made to me in the consulting room. There are many reasons that diving attracts those of, ah, more expansive girth, not least the temporary removal of gravitational pull on their abdomen. However, one of the consequences of obesity is heart disease, which is the third most common cause of death whilst diving. In this article I want to highlight a few aspects of this often overlooked risk factor in diving accidents.
    Published on 11-07-12 10:15 AM  Number of Views: 3423 

    Samantha Burnell: www.apeks-online.co.uk

    You look at the club equipment store, where ever that may be and despair! You are not alone, I too have stared at a rusty locker filled with diving cast offs that should have been given a decent send off and retired years ago. BUT because funds are tight it is so hard to get decent kit to train trainees. In many cases this means that trainees are told they need their own kit for open water dives and many can find this off putting as it's a big single purchase. It's a constant club dilemma that many of you are familiar with.

    Published on 28-06-12 08:18 AM  Number of Views: 4688 
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    Written by Sam Burnell www.apeks-online.co.uk

    Why ? Cos it just is!!!! And for around £200 for a first and second stage and £245 for a full set it's top value as well.

    In simple straight forward terms you are not worthy! This reg (well maybe not this actual one - but maybe it's siblings, parents or grandparents) has been places in the diving world that most of us can only dream about. In regulator terms we are talking "Veni, vidi, vici," - As Julius Cesear would say - "been there, seen it, dived it!"
    Published on 26-06-12 11:45 AM  Number of Views: 3481 
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    Regaldive has announced 2013 dates for its Red Sea FREE and Half Price diving offers. Available in nine resorts, the offers provide the opportunity for buddies to enjoy massively reduced PADI courses and dive packs.

    Divers’ Lodge dive centre in Hurghada is offering FREE five/six day dive packs or PADI Open Water, Open Water Fastrack* and Advanced courses for your accompanying buddy when you book for travel between 4th January and 22nd March and 19th April to 12th July, 2013. If these dates don’t suit, your buddy can book dive packs or courses for 50% of the cost between 16th December, 2012 and 3rd January, 2013, 23rd March and 18th April and 13th July to 31st October, 2013.
    Published on 22-06-12 07:18 AM  Number of Views: 5260 

    Divers Warehouse was originally founded by John Womack from Otter Watersports in 1987. Divers Warehouse was born due to Customers requesting Dive kit whilst purchasing Otter drysuirs. Customers effectively wanted a one-stop shop where they could buy everything under one roof, and to this day Customers still benfit from this concept.
    Published on 19-06-12 09:31 AM  Number of Views: 4196 

    A Basic guide to the Apeks Range of Backplates/Wings/Harnesses.

    You've probably been diving for a while, chances are you've dived and learnt to dive in a conventional jacket style BCD - unless you are old like me and learnt in an ABLJ - but we just aren't going there - the memories are to be frank too unpleasant!. Jacket style BCD's are great and were a vast and HUGE (let me reemphasise the 'HUGE' there) leap forward on what was already on the market. They are comfortable in the main, they are easy to get on and off, sizing isn't an issue, most brands come in a good range of sizes. The design's in general put the diver in a vertical position at the surface which is comforting, it's always nice to see what's coming to get you.

    Published on 14-06-12 05:23 PM
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    Jamie Watts is a leading marine ecologist, expedition leader and naturalist guide working in earth’s most spectacular marine ecosystems. Jamie writes and presents on marine and polar wildlife, global-scale ecology, human ecological footprint and climate change, his research has included everything from Omani coral reefs to Antarctic copepods. Last year Jamie took some time out from his British Antarctic Survey, to lead a successful Marine Biology workshop for Oonasdivers… bringing his vast experience and knowledge to some very enthusiastic divers.
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