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    by Published on 17-08-10 11:51 AM

    Hi all,

    First of all I'd like to say that this is nothing spectacularly new under the sun. TDI has had full ...
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    WANTED - OLD SCHOOL regs or old unused 1st - 2nd stages

    Olf school regs or old unused 1st and 2nd stage. many difficulties are created on these professional proofreading service pages. I want to be implement

    Joeysantos Yesterday, 01:15 PM Go to last post

    Instagram. Another blatant rights grab?

    Well, I think that once you've decided to post something, you have to take responsibility for that. Also, you can't blame Instagram for trying to evolve,

    Dorocam Yesterday, 12:19 PM Go to last post

    a year in river diving

    Damn it the video is unavailable!

    SeaCult Yesterday, 11:43 AM Go to last post

    Some dive photos

    Yeah, this looks great. And in Maldives you might see such as well. Although you must be careful with the atoll. Meaning that after El Nino the colors

    SeaCult Yesterday, 11:42 AM Go to last post

    Some dive photos

    You are not kidding, right? Where exactly in Maldives did you see such corals??? Please name the atoll.

    SeaCult Yesterday, 11:39 AM Go to last post


    In principle GoPro has good recommendations. But I also came here as I want to see other options.

    SeaCult Yesterday, 11:38 AM Go to last post
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