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    Ok, so who's been playing what lately and what would you like to get of the new releases coming out later in the year.

    So far this year I've played:

    Assassins Creed which looked and played as well as the others, took quite a while to finish it and I could still stick the disc in now and put a few people to the sword.

    Batman Arkham City, another good game which looked and played well and took a while to finish, I think I have the joker missions to finish so it might be played again soon.

    Gears of War 3, I liked the campaign which just followed on from the previous games but I'm not expecting to see a GOW4 released, the story seem to come to an end. I didn't play the multiplayer at all.

    Modern Warfare 3, the single player was very good and looked amazing but it was as usual a bit short. I've barely touched the multiplayer or spec ops missions, the run and gun stuff is just to quick for me.

    Battlefield 3 had a good singleplayer and the multiplayer is massive, plenty of warfare to be had in vehicles, planes and choppers. The game itself has had some serious issues though and the last patch was over 1gb in size and just brought more problems to the game the worst of which is the rent a server fiasco. Dice and EA now have no official servers running so you are stuck playing in rented servers with crazy rules and high ticket counts, nice if you want to spend 2 hours fighting your way through a Metro station but the novelty soon wears off.

    New releases coming out this year are Medal of Honour Warfighter, another Assassins Creed, Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, Sniper Elite V2, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Max Payne 3 and there are rumours of a new Tomb Raider and Rainbow 6 Patriots but maybe not released this year.
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    played and liked GOW3 but had a crap ending
    played and used to like BF3 but WAY to many problems so i gave in 3 months ago
    now playing MW3 and its the same old stuff that comes out every year
    i am also playing ME3 which is great IMO

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    I agree Sudden, Lots of pc game is available online. The good of it, many is free or can play with trial version.

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