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    +1 Go for it, i think its a good idea if others can learn from my mistake. John Allwright

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    I have discussed this with my family and loved ones. In the unfortunate event of my dying due to a diving incident, I fully consent to discussion being made on here about the incident, with the express hope that others might learn about this sport that we undertake. This includes discussion of any mistakes that I might have made that relate to the incident. I would want this to be done respectfully, but honestly and without reservation. Mark Rice.
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    Andris Nestors, from Brixton, London and Alūksne, Latvia.

    Speculate wildly in ways that might help work out what the remaining CCR divers should definitely avoid doing.

    No one who will be upset reads YD. and those who know me who do read YD will definitely not be upset. So guess away about what might have gone wrong and figure out how to prevent in future.

    I'm trying to be safe and not a dick, at least with my diving, but you never know.

    The Baron.

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    When I started learning theory about diving, I read about 5 diving books. But I undersetood that the effective way is quizzing ( something like this ) to check your level.

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    Dude, I totally support you, but I don't understand how you can die so easily underwater. Yes, it sounds simple, but in reality it is much more complicated. From the very beginning, I have been studying with great instructors who have taught me many things. Also, if you dive not alone, but with someone, then the chances of dying are also reduced. I usually use the service . There are always guys here who will help and support. We never dive alone (Although I really don't understand how you can dive alone, it's very boring). I am used to sharing my emotions with the friends around me. After all, what could be better than the smiles of friends?
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