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Thread: Who is in the right?

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    In any group of people there is always going to be politics, cliques, and factions. It's only human nature. It's true of BSAC clubs, PADI schools, GUE entities [1] and even groups of people who 'just go diving with no politics' (does anyone remember that YD trip to Scapa which fell apart in a huge argument and half the people went home after two days?).

    Now I'm not saying that it's right or desirable, but it happens.

    So - what would I do in your situation?
    1) Work out where you want to be once this has finished. I'd suggest it would be an active dive schedule with a tolerable relationship with the Chair and Safety Officer, and unaffected at work

    2) Work out how you're going to get there. You'll need to think about:
    a) The 'judicial' process. Certainly my club has a constitution which sets out the details of how and why members are suspended. I think there's nothing wrong with suspending someone from diving if a serious allegation is made, but it needs to be serious, and then resolved quickly (which this one isn't) and the full accusation presented (which this hasn't).

    b) The rights and wrongs of what you did. You can ask the internet for the answer (and I agree with what you did, based on what you said above). But as others have said that won't hold much credibility with your club. You need to get a regional or national-level person in to adjudicate, and perhaps officiate when your case is heard.

    c) You need to think about how this affects your relationship with the SO and Chairman. If you want to crush them, then yes, I'm sure you could probably do that. However, the harder, but more benefical way of achieving your objectives (look back to (1) above) is to give them room to wiggle out and save a bit of face. I'd therefore be inclined to say something like: "Obviously I understand that you're responsible for diving safety in the club, and so adopt the most cautious approach possible, but here I think my actions have been mis-reported. I can see why you think using a pony on an ascent as normal diving practice might be an area for concern, but this was a training situation where I'd briefed my buddies beforehand, and you might not be aware of that..."

    It might not be as satisfying in the short-term but (for me) it would be better in the long-run.


    [1] - Not sure what the GUE equivalent is
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    Your situation was/is different than mine as you want to carry on diving and presumably within the club you are in, where I had no intention of diving within the club I was in when we moved to the coast, and after 40 odd years of going round the same old wrecks and having got all the spidge I want/need including my bell which was the pivotal point in my diving as it came at the back end of my career, so I got what I wanted more than anything and it made a perfect closure point to my diving..

    I joined a local club over here on the coast but to be truthful my and Sandra's heart were not in it as looking on as a newbie but with vast experience of club politics the same problems were in this club as well and knowing me I would not be able to resit wading in to smite it and the folk involved, we just didn't renew and now do the odd dive as and when the fancy takes me, except it hasn't!..

    Diving has been good to us, we have dived all over the world, dived in places nobody else has ever seen or been to, it's been a privilege.. I still have all my friends new and old made through diving but now I have embraced my first love fishing and the reason I started diving, I travel Europe extensively so what I am saying I have moved on big time..

    And all those years trying to fight club politics, who knows it may have been a waste of time, there is always some one desperate to be top banana in some poxy dive club or other organisation, so no doubt the politics will go on and there will be victors, losers and collateral damage..

    My mate spent years sitting on the fence and I always said that nick in his arse is getting deeper, except he has had to go for the DO's job to turn the club round as the folk who were running it were found lacking, lets hope the nick in his arse heals up a bit as he will have had to get off the fence..

    He is on the boards here and knows of what I am saying, and he knows I am behind him in his endeavors..

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    Thinking about things and weighing it all up. Ok thought about it.. Bye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janos View Post
    [1] - Not sure what the GUE equivalent is
    Division? Unit? Brigade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janos View Post
    ... [1] - Not sure what the GUE equivalent is
    Quote Originally Posted by neilh View Post
    Division? Unit? Brigade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Duck View Post
    Ahhh, the collective. It all makes sense now.

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