The below post has just been made in the Incident Forum. This post serves two purposes; firstly it shows those without the requisite number of posts what the 'rules' are regarding the Incident Forum, secondly it allows the YD community some means to provide feedback to the YD Mods so that we can be reactive to your needs.

This sticky is to ensure that the YD User community are aware of the ‘rules’ about posts in the Incidents Forum.

The top level ‘rule’ is that the community can report facts and discuss those facts but the community cannot speculate as to what might or might not have happened. Overhearing someone talking about something is not the same as knowing the facts.

Mal provided a very good example:

In the incidents forum, posting that a Diver had an incident is fine
In the incidents forum, posting that the Diver was diving on air is fine
In the incidents forum, posting that the Diver should have been on Nitrox is *not* fine.
Posting a new separate thread in the regular forums discussing the benefits and disbenefits of Nitrox and air is fine ... so long as no association is made to the incident. (GLOC-This obviously becomes hard in such a small community, especially when people are emotionally involved).

One of the problems with an online and dynamic environment such as YD is that there are some very knowledgeable people who have a vast amount of experience to impart but sometimes a comment is taken out of context, it is then repeated and then someone takes this as ‘fact’. e.g. a Tech 1 diver was quoted as guiding on a dive, someone asked what Tech 1 entails in qualifications and Trimix was covered in that explanation, there then followed a long discussion of diving on trimix during said dive. At no point did Trimix get covered in the OP. Whilst this example does not refer to an incident, it does show how posts develop beyond the original ‘facts’ and the ‘facts’ then get changed. This cannot happen in the incidents forum.

There is a further problem because often diving incidents are attributable to easily preventable causes and bringing that out in discussion can often make the unfortunate victim seem foolish. This strays into a difficult area and whilst we would like to have an open discussion, we also need to be sensitive to the feelings of the victim and those close to the victim, in the case of a fatality.

It becomes very hard to have unemotional and dispassionate discussions when participants are trying to ‘protect’ the reputation of their friends and relatives and that can be made more difficult when "facts" are only known to some.

As a consequence it is not possible to be black and white about the moderation in the Incidents Forum. There are more than fifty shades of grey which we might need to work through, but be assured that the moderation team will try to be supportive of victims, families and friends, whilst at the same time sharing the desire for a culture of openness and learning.

In summary, YD is pretty good at self-moderating and to be honest we don’t get that many reported posts (which Mal and I like), so please keep to the facts and discuss those facts, but don’t speculate about stuff you don’t know. If you want to discuss something that may have been present in an incident, please start a new thread to discuss the issue generically.

Finally, if you are not happy with a post, use the report button. The Mods then get an immediate email highlighting the issue and we can respond accordingly. This is much faster than making comments in the threads, which we cannot monitor all the time.

Gareth and Mal.