Ipad or Something else - For elderly parents?!
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Thread: Ipad or Something else - For elderly parents?!

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    Ipad or Something else - For elderly parents?!

    Planning on buying an ipad or ipad equivalent for my parents.

    they are slowly going blind, but have need for email, weather, news and skype. Skype being a BIGGY....

    So, what do you suggest? its only for around the house, and im not minted, so....
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    iPad is probably hard to beat for that kind of thing. My 77 dear old dad loves his. Technically it belongs to my mum but she rarely gets a look in.

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    You are paying a premium for the 'i' - many other 7, 9 and 10 inch tablets are available that will do what you want. I have a Samsung Tab 2 that was only 149 squid and is brilliant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sundodger View Post
    You are paying a premium for the 'i' - many other 7, 9 and 10 inch tablets are available that will do what you want. I have a Samsung Tab 2 that was only 149 squid and is brilliant.
    Indeed. You are also paying for a very locked down piece of kit. But why is it so very locked down? Could it be that Apple are concerned about security? About making sure that it all, quite simply, works? That'd be a "just maybe" then - because it indeed does all, quite simply, work. I was a PC type person, until I set about running an Artroom full of Apple stuff. Until then, like many others, I had sort of heard of Apple and taken no notice - I think it took me about 12 months to get rid of my Windoze PC and buy a Mac. This is written on a 27" iMac, it's about two years old and hasn't missed a beat and I, too, am seriously looking at an iPad because this computer can't really go anywhere, like outside where I often like to be, or my kitchen when I'm in a cooking mood (which is quite often). Putting my 1,000 odd recipes onto it will be a doodle and then I'm good to go.

    Yes, a lot of people, yourself for example, consider that Macs require a premium payment, and they undoubtedly do. Against that, our OP wants to buy the thing for his elderly parents who, like as not, have little in the way of computing skills. If that's the case, subject only to monetary considerations, I'd go with an iPad every time.

    Edit/: My best mate used to run Macs in an Artroom and had a Windoze PC at home. What's he now got? The latest version of my iMac (I'm duly jealous) and matching, his and hers, iPads for himself and wife. Given that he's likely to still have the original dollar that he made when he first started working, it seems that he didn't mind the premium. Oh, and no, I had absolutely nothing to do with those purchases, in fact they were his wife's decision (probably based on the fact that their kids all have iMacs) but he's a pretty happy chappy nevertheless.
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    Re: Ipad or Something else - For elderly parents?!

    Got a second hand ipad for my 87 year old grandad. He had tried to work out laptops with no success. Second hand worked cheap enough and tesco online made his life easier.

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    As your parents have very specific needs I would recommend looking at the Apple website to fully understand the accessibility options that are available in IOS.


    Having recently gone through the same for my mother and chosen an iPhone for the simple reason that it just works and does what it says on the tin I would be happy to recommend an iPad. But be careful about buying a second hand one or even a reconditioned one as the battery life can be poor and Apple have a habit of not making the latest version of IOS run on the older products. While this might not seem an issue if they bring out a new accessibility feature that only works on IOS 8.0 and you have an iPad say 2 which wont run it...

    As an aside I bought my better half an iPad a few years ago to share. And last year bought one for myself as I never got near hers! I use and look after mainly Windows based IT systems during the day and have a Windows machien myself but also fully agree that Apple make good PCs for people who don't need to play in the office sandbox. If you are working standalone or away from Windows servers then life can be sweet.

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