We have a facebook group called ccr homebuildes and were organizing a meet for homebuilders & modifiers or anybody interested in the subject at Capernwray quarry on 1 August 2015.
This is open to anybody who owns or is interested in anything to do with ccr homebuilds or ccr modifications.

We will meet at Capernwray at 0900 then have an hour or so chatting then a dive before lunch when Duncan Price has kindly offered to give a lecture on scrubbers. He will also be bringing along some of his homebuilds
David Thew has kindly offered to bring along his Aurora Blue if he's not working and let people have a look over it.
If anybody else can offer anything of interest please let me know.
After lunch we will have an afternoon dive as well as a look over everybody projects.
A few of us plan on camping locally on Sat evening and of course having a BBQ & beer so if anybody wants to join us for either or both then let me know & I will book you in to the campsite.
If anybody wishes to meet up on the Sunday then I will probably
have a dip if I,m not to hungover lol
If your interested please let me know & also let me have your email address so I don't have to keep sending PM's to everybody.


A bit about Capernwray..............
If you don’t know Capernwray www.dive-site.co.uk it’s a 20m deep quarry that is privately owned. It is homebuilder friendly. It has fantastic facilities including warm dry changing area’s, showers, shop, accommodation, restaurant, bar & servicing facilities.
The viz is 10-20m even at a weekend & all parking is close to the water.
There are plenty of B&B,s Hotels & camping locally as it is on the door step of the Lake District for anybody wishing to go walking on the Sunday.