Posted by Bren on behalf of the 'DiFF' community on YD.

The DiFF Manifesto

Welcome to DiFF, Diving For Fun.

DiFF started as a reaction to a certain atmosphere of perceived elitism which some in the group had experienced within the diving community and didn’t like, because it made us feel uncomfortable. So, we started the now famous DiFF thread on YD, and to our surprise, it grew, and grew, and grew, until here we are, and it has turned into something else - DiFF - a community, not a clique, where we can meet other people who ultimately have the same heartfelt joy of getting in the water, and are not part, or neither want to be part of any kind of elitism, dive snobbery, or anti anything - we just want to dive safely, in an environment where equality, safety, and fun are all given same level of respect. Oh yes, and play games under water.

DiFF is about celebrating the variety of colours / makes / configurations of the kit of our fellow divers, and marvelling at our diversity - We revel in the reason we started to dive, indeed, very much in common with the core tenets and values of YD - to Dive For Fun.

DiFF is an ethos ("predominant characteristics of a cultural community") where we Dive for Fun, we should be non-judgemental, inclusive, accepting of others, but willing to stand our ground. DiFF is NOT anti anyone and it is certainly not, under any circumstances a clique ("exclusive set of persons"), because it's not exclusive to anyone - all you have to do is want to share the same ethos - good will to everyone (unless they nick your biscuits) and dive safely, for fun, have a good time and perhaps a beer after. Anyone can join.

The DiFF Scroll of conduct

Welcome to the world of DiFF. You may be new to diving or an old salty sea dog, but, as a diver you have chosen to embrace the philosophies of DiFF.

We all dive for the joy of exploring the underwater realm, feel in awe of the life beneath the waves, knowing in your heart of hearts that you're the first person to go there or see that fish! We respect the power, majesty and complexity of the places we visit.

But, most of all by embracing DiFF: we laugh like hell when we (inevitably) cock it up, openly pretend we're superman on a drift dive, and always, always maintain we saw the Biggest fish. Being DiFF means the deco disco opens at 6 metres not 6 O'clock.

GO ON . . . DO IT . . . BE IT . . . LIVE IT

DiFF: You know it makes sense - welcome!