Side mount emergency question
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Thread: Side mount emergency question

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    Side mount emergency question

    Hi all, Had a major back injury and no longer able to dive with backmount.

    Just got my side mount kit together and thought this was the best forum to get advice.

    I wont be doing any cave diving and wondered how my Northern Diver BCD (with it'd bottom hose connection) is going to perform in a Controlled Buoyant Lift. Do you have to use the shoulder dump valve to prevent it going pear shaped in a clear ascent?

    Would really appreciate any other thoughts on regular gotchas not covered in basic conversion training.

    Thanks in advance


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    Long time since I owned a traditional stab jacket (is that what the ND BCD is like?); there are better options for side mount diving in caves.
    But I'm a cave diver and your query relates to open water diving, so you may well be OK.

    If you were wondering about whether an "automatic" dump valve can be relied on for a controlled ascent, I'd say no.
    I'm wondering if you posted the above because your bad back makes it difficult to reach the shoulder dump control? If so there's the option of extending the string and running it through a piece of petrol pipe secured to the BCD such that the plastic ball is in a more accessible place.

    My preference for side mounting when cave diving is for a Scoff bag - these are generally home made by CDG members but there's lots of commercially made ones available now. However, many will not have enough lift for safe open water diving and they'll not hold you face up on the surface. A more traditional BCD is probably best for what you want.

    Good luck!

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