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  1. Ebay Listings
    Apex Twin Set Regs, First Stages, Compass, Air Pressure Gauges & Bottom Timer On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apex-Twin-Set-Regs-First-Stages-Compass-Air-Pressure-Gauges-Bottom-Timer/174262887046?
  2. Personal Adverts
    Hey, Im looking for a set of regs preferably APEX for a DIN pony cylinder? I also need a strap for a 3 lt pony bottle to strap onto a 15lt cylinder! Can anybody help a student trying to build his kit!!?!? Message me if you can help! :teeth:
  3. Personal Adverts
    As I'm no longer doing my IANTD course I have decided to sell my stage setup. I've got a Luxfer 7Ltr Ali Stage bottle in yellow last tested 2009/04 so it still has a years worth of test on it. It is NOT o2 clean. Comes complete with stage rigging so it's ready to go. DIN fitting. Also I have a...
  4. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hi all I am itching to take the plunge and buy myself some proper kit. I think first up is a Regulator package that I can lovingly care for and trust (until it gets its first scratch:frown:) , Although I should probably get a dry suit first, I cant afford one just yet. I have seen...
1-4 of 4 Results