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  1. Personal Adverts
    Looking for an Apeks ATX40 second stage octopus as the title suggests, and hoping someone has one lying around! :)
  2. Personal Adverts
    After long and careful consideration I am giving up diving. Sadly my kit is just sitting there and I'm finding I just don't have the time for it anymore. I can offer collection from: Guildford Basingstoke Morden Foundation Park, Maidenhead Some items I may be willing to post, but the final...
  3. Personal Adverts
    Here, I have for sale a set of Apeks Diving Regulators. Set consists of an Apeks DST 1st stage, Apeks ATX40 2nd stage and octo and a Beaver gauge as shown in the photo. The regs are only 18months old and have only been used on 10dives in Mexico. They are in immaculate condition with only a...
  4. Personal Adverts
    Apeks ATX40 Black 2nd Stage Regulator For sale is a trusty ATX40 2nd stage reg in black. I bought this for my girlfriend who gave up diving as quickly as she started! The reg is mint a few slight scuffs on the underside but the fascia of it is untouched. Let me know if you want pics. £40 +...
  5. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hi Looking to buy my first set of regs and I don't know whether to go for the ATX40 DS4 or get the same set up but with the DST first stage. The jury is still out on this at the club - just wondered what you guys thought? Cheers Bobby
  6. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hi all I am itching to take the plunge and buy myself some proper kit. I think first up is a Regulator package that I can lovingly care for and trust (until it gets its first scratch:frown:) , Although I should probably get a dry suit first, I cant afford one just yet. I have seen...
1-6 of 6 Results