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  1. Looking for Buddies?
    Hi, anyone out in Barbados at the moment fancy joining me and my buddy for a night dive in Carlisle Bay? We've already done few shore dives alone in Carlisle Bay on the wrecks, now fancy going in the dark to see the night version. We found a place to rent tank and weights. Won't mind few more...
  2. Worldwide Dive Sites, Accommodation & Liveaboards
    2 weeks in the beginning of October either in Tobago or Barbados. Wanna gather more advice/recommendation/experience before picking the final one. Weather in October, I know, it's still the wet hurricane season... just hoping will be lucky for 2 weeks. Which one I might have better luck in...
  3. Worldwide Dive Sites, Accommodation & Liveaboards
    Thinking of heading to Barbados. Just wondering is it mostly boat dives? or alot of shore dives? or a balance mix of the both?! If renting tank & weights, can I see alot by driving round the island and explore the shore dives with my buddy? Or best to join a dive operator?! Any...
1-3 of 3 Results