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  1. Personal Adverts
    For Sale: APD OCB bailout valve (BOV) Used about 20 times without issue. Complete with all hoses and original box. Screw it on and dive. Price: £450 + postage
  2. Rebreather Accessories
    Hi! Does anybody in the UK or in continental Europe stock service kits and o-rings for the Golem Vario BOV (the predecessor of the Shrimp BOV)? If anybody knows, please let me know, as otherwise I have to put an order in to the US. Cheers, The Scubademon
  3. Personal Adverts
    Hi! I'm currently looking for a BOV for the Inspiration. I am open to which one, so it can be the original APD OCB, the Golem Shrimp or other... I will consider all offers. Still looking for a Shearwater Predator, too ;-) Cheers, the ScubaDemon ;-)
1-3 of 3 Results