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  1. Planned Trips & Spare Spaces
    Hi everyone, Martyn is running a trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia for 2 weeks and we are assisting the logistic for this trip. The first week 27Nov-04Dec 2011, strictly for qualified cave divers. The second week 04-11Dec 2011, Caves and Reefs trip-open for divers all level, but minimum of 50...
  2. Cave & Cavern Diving
    Hi there, After a LOT of searching I've managed to get a hold of some old Ace AP1000 canoe helmets. People weren't joking when they said they were hard to find. To cut a long story short I've bought a few and should be able to get my hands on some more if any of you are interested in buying...
  3. Incident Reports
    Wes Skiles - Rebreather World Horrendous news. He was a real hero of mine, his films and articles were one of the big inspirations for me to start cave diving.
1-4 of 4 Results