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  1. Commercial Diving
    Hi guys i am serious about getting into the commercial diving sector and was looking at my options. Was looking at doing the premium career package with Professional diving academy or the underwater centre, how hard is it to get into work once your are trained up without and actually work...
  2. Tek-Talk
    The seventeenth issue of Tech Diving Mag is available for download at www.techdivingmag.com Contents: * Between Bounce & Saturation: Diving The Tarbela Dam * Understanding Risk Management * Expedition Blücher 2014 * Ultra Long Halftimes * Diving Pioneers & Innovators: A Series of In Depth...
  3. Tek-Talk
    The tenth issue of Tech Diving Mag is available for download at Tech Diving Mag | Free online technical diving magazine Contents: * Doing What Works * No Problem! * Book Review: Great British Shipwrecks * The Physiological Basis of Decompression Tables * Diving Pioneers & Innovators: A Series...
  4. Commercial Diving
    To those currently seeking or those already trained I would like to pick your brains if I may? Having been trained in recreational diving and currently teaching on a regular basis I understand to become a commercial diver is a whole new ball game. Not only does it require the right person and...
  5. Commercial Diving
    Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Supervisor required in UAE. 5 year contract. IRM work. 8x8 rotation Contact: [email protected] (pls mention DiversUK)
  6. Commercial Diving
    We are looking for divers who have worked with changning thrusters or similiar for a job in Norway starting around the 10th of august. Call us or email us at [email protected] (+46 8 410 389 11)
  7. Commercial Diving
    Seems quiet in the commercial forum again. Hopefully most of us are working ?? The industry seems to be picking up
1-7 of 8 Results