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  1. Wreck Diving
    There is a very interesting marine archaeology exhibition in Girona on the Deltebre I, a British ship that sank in the Peninsular War in 1813. The artifacts are in an amazing state of preservation as they have been buried in silt in the Ebro delta. The marine archaeologists can only work on...
  2. Worldwide Dive Sites, Accommodation & Liveaboards
    Just wondering if anyone tried diving in Barcelona and Costa Brava... If so, what's it like? is it any good of the coast? Worth diving there? Any dive centre to recommend? Thanks
  3. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    In Cala Montgó on the Costa Brava, where we have been diving and carrying out research with volunteer divers for the past 12 years, we have witnessed an estimated 25% loss of Posidonia beds, mainly as a result of unregulated anchoring by pleasure boats each summer. Where there were once lush...
  4. Underwater Video & Photography
    I have just launched a new website Marine Life Costa Brava giving visitors a glimpse of the beauty of the sea life that we encounter whilst fun diving and carrying out marine conservation research on the Costa Brava. The aim is to raise awareness of the amazing biodiversity and fragility of our...
  5. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    We are members of OCEAN2012. Join us on a special dive in European Fish Week 2010 and learn about the status of Mediterranean fish. Sun 6th June at 11am, L’Escala, Spain. Details Transforming European Fisheries Years of intensive fishing in European waters have led to dramatic declines in once...
1-5 of 5 Results