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  1. Training Forum
    Good afternoon everyone from sunny Italy. Quick question: I am having holiday on the seaside and many diving sites are for deep qualified divers. I am a Rescue diver but never done the deep speciality. They are an ISDA diving center while I am Padi. As far as you know, will be this diving...
  2. Training Forum
    London School of Diving now offers this course and the next one is scheduled for the 16th September. If Interested, please contact us on 020 8995 0002 for full details. (Hope it is ok to post this here - have seen other courses posted) London School of Diving www.londonschoolofdiving.co.uk...
  3. Introductions
    Hi, Ive just taken a try dive at my local swimming pool and loved it. I couldnt find where to find your recommendations for courses etc, so hope you can help with these queries!.. I live in Surrey south east england. Im considering doing a one off courses in diving abroad at some point...
1-3 of 3 Results