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  1. Planned Trips & Spare Spaces
    Billy & Gary at DiveStay are putting together a Technical Dive Schedule for 2014. Sailing out of Eyemouth on the superb WaveDancers, the various trips promise some seriously good diving. If you'd like hear about what's what, and when, Gary will be sending out a newsletter / Schedule / email -...
  2. Decompression Diving
    I read an amazing article over the weekend about a South African diver called Nuno Gomes who holds the world record for deep diving. The set the record dive of 318.25metres back in 2005 in the Red Sea. It is almost unbelievable that someone could dive so deep given the enormous pressures that...
  3. Tek-Talk
    This refers to the first issue of Tech Diving Mag. Which article did you like most? Also feel free to say what you want to see improved in the next issues.
1-3 of 3 Results