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  1. Surface Interval
    The article titled Deep Into Deco?! is highly recommended for not-yet technical divers. It's published in the latest issue of Tech Diving Mag.
  2. Tek-Talk
    The new issue of Tech Diving Mag is available for download at www.techdivingmag.com Contents: * Deep Into Deco?! * A Primer for Nautical Terms & Maritime Trivia * Respiratory Loads During CCR Diving - Part II * Lab Rats * Looking Back on Innovating Decompression Protocols
  3. Decompression Diving
    Pre-order Deep Into Deco now and receive FREE access to the $20 value, 1.5 hour online video course "The Physics and Physiology of Diving and Dive Medicine." More info at www.bestpub.com/books/scientific-diving/product/406-deep-into-deco-the-diver-s-decompression-textbook.html
1-3 of 3 Results