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  1. Regulators and Cylinders
    So a recent (non-catastrophic) hose failure saw me back in Underwater Explorers buying a new one. I currently have halcyon ones and, to be honest, they aren't that great. I have a hog set-up with DS4s so would expect the 'bent-one' to fail a bit more regularly than most, but they have all been...
  2. Personal Adverts
    As it says on the tin, I have for sale one pair of Turtle Fins in very good condition £50 delivered (UK mainland) Thanks for looking
  3. Introductions
    This is jus a quick hello to all the users on YD Forums. My name is Andy Egan.I am an Irish Dive Instructor and Skipper living in South Spain and working in Rivemar. We are a PADI-UTD-DIR school and dive center. For all of you who would like to meet us in person we will be at EuroTec in...
  4. Other Dive Equipment
    A little bit of advice needed here :) My old heisers are looking rather tired and I would like a new twinset. I am looking to get a set of the flat/concave bottomed ones as they have very similar buoyancy/trim characteristics to my heisers. The various places who sell them offer a halcyon...
  5. DIR Equipment
    Hi, Thinking of going down the GUE route but after reading certain articles it seems that you favour certain kit over others. I have 3 sets of Aqua Lung Regs and an IST Wing, TUSA tri ex Fins and a BEAR Mask and I also currently use a typhoon dry suit. Will this be fine? Cheers Jonsey
  6. DIR
    Dear colleagues. I am a TDI Instructor and myself not (yet?) GUE certified. I dive with a lot of tech divers from all over the world, coming from all sorts of training agencies, and therefore have to accommodate for a lot of different procedures. With DIR becoming more and more popular and...
  7. Personal Adverts
    1. Apeks TX50 + TX40 octo + 1st stage (din + 1-clamp) + long DIR hoses + necklace + Halceon SPG + drysuit hose. All excellent condition (estimated 50 dives). Regs not used since last service. Both regs Black. [£200] 2. ScubaPro JetFins (X-large) with Halceon Springs. [£70] 2. Underwater...
1-7 of 7 Results