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  1. Introductions
    Hi, I started diving in 1964, I’m currently an SAA Regional Instructor, CMAS 3star Instructor and BSAC Advanced instructor, I hold instructor tickets in O2 Administration, Diver Rescue, power boat handling and navigation. I’m a Diver Rescue examiner and Diver Cox assessor. I’m also now a Chelsea...
  2. Ebay Listings
    I'm selling a range of kit including a Scubapro shorty and a Fourth Element short john, Waterproof boots, gloves, and hoods, Custom Divers reel, Frog SMB, Lumb Bros lanyards and a Suunto compass via my wife's Ebay account. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anne_f36/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1
  3. Other Dive Equipment
    Hi, am thinking of getting one of these. Am after advice from anyone who owns and uses a Buddy self sealing DSMB (without the crack bottle) and who doesn't use oral inflate(entanglement hazard) or purge button (free flow hazard) to inflate. How do you do it please? I can only think by using wing...
  4. Deep Blue Dive
    This is the thread where we will be posting all of our special offers for you lovely people to peruse at your leisure. Having the right dive equipment is essential to having an enjoyable and easy-going experience when you're underwater. We will post a different offer here EVERY...
  5. Deep Blue Dive
    As the only Vendor on YD we aim to please :teeth: What you would like to see offers on? We will be launching daily & weekly deals to bring you selected equipment for ridiculous cheap prices! But what would you like to see? Masks, fins, BCDs, accessories, suits, let us know!
  6. Deep Blue Dive
    What equipment do you need when Lobster fishing? Do you agree with it? Do you do it?
  7. Personal Adverts
    Hi All: See remaining items below. Description / Condition / Ask Price / Price New / Link to Merchant NEW Bare Trilam Drysuite - Men - S/M - Extra length of legs and arms to customize. / NEW / 450 / 1050 / Dive - Products - Drysuits - TRILAM TECH DRY - Men's Scubapro Jet Fins XL...
  8. Other Dive Equipment
    Hello all I am moving to Hawaii to run a dive centre and I need to clear out a couple things before I go.. I have for sale: 1 x 4kg shot weight £50 (shipped) £35 (collected) 1 x 5kg shot weight £65 (shipped) £45 (collected) 1 x 1kg shot weight £10 (shipped) £6 (collected) 1 x set technisub...
  9. First Set Of Dive Gear
    Hi, I am hoping to purchase some kit today, but can't decided between regulators. I will be purchasing an Aeris EX200 BCD, Twin Guage, and regs. The regulators I am torn between are an Oceanic GT3 CDX5 and the Apeks ATX40 DS4 package. Which would you recommend? Thanks
  10. First Set Of Dive Gear
    Hi Guys I am new to Diving so want to get advice on what I should buy, where is best to get it and what would be a reasonable cost. New or Used Thanks:teeth:
  11. DIR Equipment
    Hi, Thinking of going down the GUE route but after reading certain articles it seems that you favour certain kit over others. I have 3 sets of Aqua Lung Regs and an IST Wing, TUSA tri ex Fins and a BEAR Mask and I also currently use a typhoon dry suit. Will this be fine? Cheers Jonsey
  12. Personal Adverts
    hi all, i have the following kit for sale: ikelite substrobe 50 (ttl & manual modes) Fantasea BigEye lens with 67mm thread (used only once in fresh water) comes with box ikelite 9305.92 67mm short port. definately works on g7/g9 housings, not sure which others. comes with port removal tool...
1-12 of 12 Results