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    Apeks FST (XTX 100) 1st Stage DIN Fitting with 1/2" LP Port! For sale is my Apeks FST 1st stage with DIN fitting, it has the sought after 1/2" LP port (more air flow!). I've kept hold of this 1st stage for about a year now hoping to find a use for it but since going side mount and using DST's...
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    Apeks FST 1st Stage: Older style with ½” Port & hose! For sale is one of my Apeks FST 1st stages, it is the older version (with the ½ inch port = more air flow!). I’ve owned it for about a month with intentions of using it for my Sidemount (SM) configuration but the hose routing doesn’t work...
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    Apeks FST 1st Stage – New style from XTX100! For sale is one of my Apeks FST 1st stages, it is the newer version (without the ½ inch port). Ive owned it for about a year and it came part of an XTX100 reg package which since converting to Sidemount I have broken down and transferred the 2nd...
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    Hiya, I have 2 Apeks FST first stages, one is the slightly older model with the 1/2 inch LP port and the other is the new FST without the 1/2 inch port. Im going sidemount and figure I would be better off with Apeks DST's which have the additional LP port on the end, anybody up for a swap?
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    Hey peeps, hope you can help me... Im going twin/SM so after the following gear: Fins: JetFin, Turtle, Holliss or similar - for a size 9 drysuit boot (expecting to be a XXL or similar?) Decent make Single SPG (maybe x2 of them): Apeks, OMS, Scubapro etc - on its own or with a HP hose. Apeks...
1-5 of 5 Results