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  1. Surface Interval
    By Joe Cross, Big Blue Scuba School, Cheshire Scuba Diving is one of those rare activities which the whole family can do together and there are lots of opportunities for your child to be involved. There are multiple choices in how to get your child qualified to dive and once they're qualified...
  2. Social Events And Charity Fundraising
    Hi all, I've been asked about sponsorship forms and event posters for Scuba Santas 2012. We've now got these up on the website so please see the following link: Scuba Santas 2012 sponsorship form and event poster available We've also got Justgiving teams set up this year so if you've got your...
  3. Non Diving Posts
    CHARITY Event in WEST SUSSEX in aid of CANINE PARTNERS :dog: Puppies and Pimms family day out
1-3 of 3 Results