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  1. Ebay Listings
    GoPro Underwater Video Setup w 200m Rated Recsea Housing+ 2x Keldan Luna4 Lights On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GoPro-Underwater-Video-Setup-w-200m-Rated-Recsea-Housing-2x-Keldan-Luna4-Lights/184465150841?
  2. Underwater Video & Photography
    Been a while since I have done an edit and while avoiding my revision I have put together some footage from the summer, it has all been done on a GoPro 2 hence the less than clear footage at times, comments and criticism welcome.
  3. Underwater Video & Photography
    This was just a little 4 minute test footage with my new Backscatter Red Filter for my GoPro.... picked up some nice Pike footage inside the Cabin Cruiser wreck of The Melody.... Hope you enjoy.... Stu.
  4. Underwater Video & Photography
    Hi there - this offering looks very similar to GoPro and Sartek - and for £189 it is a lot cheaper than buying a GP plus an underwater housing. I'm wondering on the low light capabilities and filming in dark/black areas. Places I'm diving aren't big enough for video lights. Anybody got any...
  5. Underwater Video & Photography
    Hi there, Just thought I would create a thread for people who use GoPro. I use mine (an older Hero1) to record dives and use Adobe Premier to edit them down before posting them on Youtube. I use an old canoe helmet (an AP1000) as preferred by UK cave divers as there are very little bouyancy...
  6. Underwater Video & Photography
    Hi all, This is a bit of a plug of my own website, but its to let you know that I have started importing a replacement lens from Germany, to fix the underwater focus problems on the GoPro Hero HD. Having had the GoPro camera for some time now, I have always been a bit disappointed by the...
1-6 of 6 Results