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  1. Trip Reports
    Firstly I’ll introduce myself. I’ve been diving for about four years and have recently bought a twin set for extra bottom time and redundancy. I dive mostly in the UK and spent an enjoyable week on the Zenobia late last year. Family pressures mean I don’t get to dive as much as I would like...
  2. Trip Reports
    When I was about 13 I remember a dive shop opening in our local town of Ashford, Kent. Seemed odd as there is no coast or diving attractions in the immediate area and being only 13 the idea of travelling 20 miles to the sea seemed like an extraordinary expedition in itself. My Dad booked us...
  3. DIR Equipment
    Hi, Thinking of going down the GUE route but after reading certain articles it seems that you favour certain kit over others. I have 3 sets of Aqua Lung Regs and an IST Wing, TUSA tri ex Fins and a BEAR Mask and I also currently use a typhoon dry suit. Will this be fine? Cheers Jonsey
  4. DIR
    Dear colleagues. I am a TDI Instructor and myself not (yet?) GUE certified. I dive with a lot of tech divers from all over the world, coming from all sorts of training agencies, and therefore have to accommodate for a lot of different procedures. With DIR becoming more and more popular and...
1-4 of 4 Results