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  1. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    Seahorses making love is an amazing behaviour to have the privilege to watch. Kenna Eco Diving volunteers were so lucky to be in the right place at the right time! Now we are monitoring several pregnant males and waiting to see the first baby seahorse. The adults are very hard to spot, with...
  2. Surface Interval
  3. Wreck Diving
    There is a very interesting marine archaeology exhibition in Girona on the Deltebre I, a British ship that sank in the Peninsular War in 1813. The artifacts are in an amazing state of preservation as they have been buried in silt in the Ebro delta. The marine archaeologists can only work on...
  4. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    After two years of negotiation, on 30 May 2013, the European Parliament and Fisheries Council finally reached an agreement on the framework of a reformed Common Fisheries Policy. It includes a deal on rebuilding fish stocks, ending overfishing by 2015, and reducing by-catch and discarding...
  5. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    At Kenna Eco Diving we have been collaborating with OCEAN2012 on influencing the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy for the past 3 years. We have now reached a crucial stage upon which MEPs will vote on 6th February. It is vital for MEPs to realise how strongly the public feels about the...
  6. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    Design a Poster to Protect Posidonia, Earth's oldest known living organism Kenna Eco Diving has launched Design a Poster to Protect Posidonia Competition to produce a poster/flyer aimed at raising awareness amongst pleasure boat users about the severe damage caused by anchoring. In one bay...
  7. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    We are members of OCEAN2012. Join us on a special dive in European Fish Week 2010 and learn about the status of Mediterranean fish. Sun 6th June at 11am, L’Escala, Spain. Details Transforming European Fisheries Years of intensive fishing in European waters have led to dramatic declines in once...
  8. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    You can read the report on our EcoDive volunteer activities in the Med here SILMAR Project Report for 2009
1-8 of 8 Results