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  1. Torches
    Hello I haveva custom divers NGS 3.8 HID. Its a pain as the switch has a mind of its own and if you flick it on and off it trips something that stops it working. I have read posts about people converting them to LED but I'm not very electrically minded. Can anyone recommend sombody who can do...
  2. Torches
    Sorry for repeat post but cant seem to update the title of earlier thead so thought it was worth posting complete version (slightly revised). I have been looking at more powerful lighting options for some time now having grown tired of my popular 230 lumen torch, but quickly found that the...
  3. Torches
    Hi looking for a new main torch .....uk diving 20-50m wrecks generally. I had a Barbolight and found it pretty good. It had a beam angle about 6 deg. Not too pecil like but not a great spread. I'm looking at a torch with an angle of 12deg (1200lumen LED) but as I cannot borrow to use - does...
  4. Torches
    Looking around at umbilical torches. Anyone any opinions on the JMD B21 ?
  5. Personal Adverts
    If somebody is selling a canister light (LED, HID, bright, Goodman handle), in good condition, please PM me with spec's and pictures! Cheers!
  6. Personal Adverts
    Hi there! I just thought I'd put it up here, just in case somebody would want to sell their 2nd hand lights over the winter. I am looking at buying two MB-Sub VB Cave lights (complete, i.e. canister, head, cable, charger and goodman handle). PM me, should anybody want to get rid of one or two...
  7. Torches
    :embarasseWhen providing kit buying advice to junior and more senior divers, I pride myself on providing good sound, unbiased, vendor independent advice. I generally limit my advice to individuals rather that the masses on forums. Today however, I have found that some of my advice/opinion(s) are...
  8. Torches
    hi guys, a few years ago i created a page on my site that compared a few LED torches. have now created another that compares the Intova ICON (£37) and the FA&Mi Super Ledium (£149) with a few of the old favourites (Lenser Frogman & N-diver Fusion X). may be of use to someone? www.devilgas.com...
1-8 of 8 Results